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TouchStoneSoftware Monthly Newsletter Issue #5  |  October 2008
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In This Issue...
- Windows Vista Performance Boosting Tech Tip:
  Disable Search Indexing

- Product Review: SPAMfighter

- Windows XP PowerToys: Cool XP Add-Ons
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Windows VistaWindows Vista Performance
Boosting Tech Tip:
Disable Search Indexing

The Indexing Service in Windows Vista has been better integrated into the operating system than it was with Windows XP. The idea behind indexing is to improve desktop search. It not only makes searches faster, but it also adds a few extra features.

One of the most improved features is the ability to search mail within Microsoft Outlook. Most desktop search tools index your data while your PC is idle. Windows Vista's indexing service seems to be busy running in the background while you are actively using the computer. Having these additional processes (SearchProtocolHost, SearchFilterHost, SearchIndexer) running in the background will noticeably slow down the performance of your PC while you are using it.

A second reason to disable the search indexing would be if you rarely search for files on your PC. Many users may also be using an alternative desktop search solution. In that case, you definitely don't want the constant activity on your hard disk and the additional strain on memory resources whenever the indexing starts. Disabling the indexing service does not disable the search or search bar functions of Vista, but it may increase the time it takes to perform a search. The big trade-off is that disabling the indexing service will speed up your system quite a bit. For any of us that are running Windows Vista, we will do anything we can to improve performance.

Here is the best way to disable Windows Vista Search Indexing:

1) Open the Start Menu and type "services" in the search bar. Click Enter.

2) In the Services window, scroll down until reaching the Windows Search service.

3) Right click Windows Search and select Properties.

4) In the dropdown box that reads Startup Type, change the value to Disabled.

5) Select the Stop button to stop the service immediately.

6) Select OK.

If you decide to enable the search indexing feature later, all you need to do is follow these instructions again.
SPAMfighterProduct Review:

Spam mail is worse than annoying; it can also contain harmful spyware and viruses. SPAMfighter has come up with a technology solution that allows its 5.5 million users to work together to remove these time consuming threats from your inbox.

Both Consumer Reports and PC World have recommended SPAMfighter as the Best Free Anti-Spam tool. This technology sets the standard by which others are measured and groups like PC Magazine use SPAMfighter to run competitive product tests.

SPAMfighter is a Microsoft Gold Partner and works for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

With the Award-Winning SPAMfighter Technology You Get:

  • Protection again phishing, identity theft and other email fraud
  • Free US, European and Asian Email and Phone support
  • Free automatic updates
  • One-click spam abuse reporting
  • Automatic white list management
  • And much moreā€¦
Phoenix Technologies is proud to present an Exclusive Offer for our users on this unique software :

Get 2 month FREE full working trial of SPAMfighter Pro and
20% off the purchase price.

No credit card is needed to make use of this trial.
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Windows XP PowerToys:
Cool XP Add-Ons

In our debut article of the TouchStoneSoftware Newsletter we did an article on a Microsoft PowerToy called TweakUI. We received a great reader response to that article, that we figured introducing you to a few more of the most useful Windows XP PowerToys would be a nice idea.

ClearType Tuner - A configuration panel for Microsoft ClearType technology. ClearType technology will make text easier and "clearer" as the name indicates. You can access the ClearType control panel from the Windows XP Control Panel.

Open Command Window Here - This very useful add-on for XP will allow you to open a command prompt with a simple right click.

Alt-Tab Replacement - We all know that you can press Alt-Tab to scroll through different windows that you have open (or at least you do now). This PowerToy will add a preview of the window you select, as opposed to just the title of the application/document.

Virtual Desktop Manager - Manage up to four virtual desktops with this PowerToy. This can be useful for users that have an abundance of icons on their desktop.

Webcam Timershot - Want to know what going on when you're not around? This PowerToy will set your webcam to automatically snap pictures at a set time and interval. These images will be saved to a designated location on your hard disk.

That's only half of what's available! To see the complete list of XP PowerToys, please see the link below.

Windows XP PowerToys are available for free,

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