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TouchStoneSoftware Monthly Newsletter Issue #6  |  November 2008
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In This Issue...
- Windows Vista Performance Boosting Tech Tip:
  Boot Vista with All Available Processors

- Product Review: PCmover

- Reader Question: 64-bit Windows Vista Compatibility
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Windows VistaWindows Vista Performance
Boosting Tech Tip:
Boot Vista with All
Available Processors

If you have purchased a computer within the last couple years, chances are it has a multiple core CPU (dual-core, triple-core, quad-core, etc...). The main benefit to a multi-core processor is for multi-tasking. You can surf the web, watch a video, and reply to emails all while being able to burn a DVD at the same time.

However, while Vista is loading, only one core is being used. You may notice that it takes a long time for your computer to fully boot-up and be ready for use. To reduce this boot time, take full advantage of the multiple cores and get the job done quicker. You can force Vista to use all available processors. To do this, please follow this tech tip below:

  1. In the Start Menu Search Box type "msconfig". Click Enter. (You can also use this shortcut: Windows Key + R)
  2. Navigate to the Boot tab and click Advanced Options.
  3. Place a checkmark next to the box for Number of Processors.
  4. Choose the number of processors you would like to use in the pull-down menu.
  5. Check the Detect HAL box. Click OK.
  6. Check the box that reads Make All Boot Settings Permanent. Click Apply. Click OK.
  7. The System Configuration window will pop up. Click Yes to confirm.
  8. Restart your computer.
PCmoverProduct Review:
Laplink Software’s PCmover

Everyone looks forward to buying a new PC until they realize the pain in getting it set up. Reinstalling the programs, files and settings from your old PC on your new PC can be a nightmare.

The good news is that this nightmare doesn’t have to happen with Laplink’s PCmover. This best-selling PC migration solution moves your programs, files and settings for you, quickly and easily.

After spending 5-10 minutes with its simple migration wizard, PCmover instantly starts moving the programs, files and settings that you’ve selected to your new PC. You no longer have to hunt for old installation CDs or serial numbers, or spend hours transferring files back and forth with a USB key. It moves your favorite settings right down to your desktop wallpaper. No wonder it’s the #1 selling PC migration solution in the world.

Connecting your PCs with PCmover is even easier since it automatically locates and connects both PCs over your local network or router (including wireless). You can also use any removable media such as an external hard drive for your migration and if you're tight on time, use the Laplink USB 2.0 cable for the fastest migration speeds (up to 5X times than a network connection). Once the transfer is complete, simply restart your new PC and its ready to go. The personality and functionality of your old PC is now on your new notebook or desktop. It’s that easy.

For small to medium businesses, PCmover is proven to save up to $300 per new PC since it saves them from PC setup labor costs and employee downtime.

Phoenix Technologies is pleased to offer you this product and an exclusive offer for our customers. Your purchase of PCmover includes a copy of PCsync for free. PCsync is easy to use and the perfect solution for keeping your PCs synchronized with each other, or an external hard drive.

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Reader Question:
64-bit Windows Vista Compatibility

Ron Spetrino, New York, NY

I have ended up with a VISTA 64 BIT Operating System. I am finding that many programs that are a few years old will not work properly in this OS, even though it is possible to "trick" the system into installing them. Is there any way to make these work, or any way to find out which programs will work and which will not without going to every manufacturer's web site?

That seems to be the one of the biggest problems today with 64-Bit Operating Systems - Compatibility. For the most part, 64-bit Windows Vista should run a 32 bit application with little problem. 64-bit Windows Vista has a built in emulator that lets you run 32 bit software with backwards compatibility. However, if the software you are using is running in a 16 bit environment (which I suspect is the case), the software will not work. Some older programs use a 16 bit installer which won't work in 64-bit Windows Vista. The 16 bit subsystem that was built into Vista wasn't included in 64-bit Windows Vista.

One of the other problems that you may run into on 64-bit Windows Vista is device driver support. There are two main problems that a typical user can run into with regards to device drivers. The first problem is the lack of compatibility support for x86 drivers. The second problem is that in order to load a device driver in 64-bit Windows Vista, it requires a digital signature. If a 32-bit program uses embedded drivers, these drivers might not work in the 64-bit environment. Similarly, if you are looking to support older hardware on a 64-bit Windows Vista platform, you will need a 64-bit driver. A device driver must be digitally signed in order to be loaded on a system with 64-bit Windows Vista. If the device driver is not digitally signed, it will not install. Microsoft added this requirement to improve security for the 64-bit platform.

Here are a couple of links that may give more insight into which programs are supported under 64-bit Windows Vista:

arrow 64 Bit Vista Software Compatibility List
arrow Windows Vista Software Compatibility List

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