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TouchStoneSoftware Monthly Newsletter Issue #7  |  December 2008
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In This Issue...
- Windows Vista Tech Tip:
Improving Windows Vista Shut Down
- Product Review: MigoMobile MEDIA
- Windows Explorer Tech Tip:
Making Windows Explorer Open a Specific Folder or Drive
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Windows Vista Windows Vista Performance
Boosting Tech Tip:
Improving Windows Vista
Shut Down

Have you noticed that when you click the “power off” button in Windows Vista that it doesn’t actually shut down your computer, but merely puts it into sleep mode? Occasionally when the computer wakes up I get a Windows error and end up having to restart the computer anyway! Here’s a tech tip that will change Vista’s behavior to a more familiar method of shut down:
1 Open the Start Menu and click on Control Panel.
2 Click on System Maintenance.
3 Click on Power Options.
4 In the top right hand corner click on Choose what the power button does.
5 Under the category “Power Button Settings” you will have a drop down menu where you can select what the power button does.
You will have the option of selecting:  Do nothing, Sleep, Hibernate, and Shut Down.  Choose the type of behavior you would like Windows Vista to exhibit when you click the power button.

Related Tip: You may have also noticed that Windows Vista takes longer to shut down than Windows XP did. Many of the programs that have been installed in Windows have a service that runs in the background when Windows starts. At times these services refuse to shut down quickly or time-out when being shut down.

To change Windows to shut down the services quicker, open the registry editor, and browse down to the following key:


You should see a key in the right hand window named “WaitToKillServiceTimeout”. The default value should be set to 20,000 milliseconds (20 seconds).  We recommend changing this to 5,000 milliseconds (5 seconds). We don’t recommend going any lower than 5 seconds, but that should speed up the shutdown time considerably.
PCmoverProduct Review:
Migo Introduces The New
MigoMobile MEDIA

Sync Your Holiday Photos and MORE
Between Your Phone to Your PC with A Click

Now you can have a hassle-free way to move media and contacts between your mobile phone to your PC this holiday season. Introducing MigoMobile MEDIA! A fast, easy way to sync your photos, music, videos and contacts between your devices in just minutes!

Using built-in, intelligent two-way sync technology, MigoMobile MEDIA syncs data from your phone to your PC and back again while preserving the format you need to stay functional. And because MigoMobile MEDIA recognizes your type of phone, it will automatically convert your files to read and play in your phone’s format, requiring little to no additional work on your part.

What’s more, MigoMobile MEDIA works well for your lifestyle because it supports iTunes, Windows Media Player and Picasa, as well as Outlook and Windows Mail. Sync all of your files to your phone with one click. No hassles. No fuss. It’s that easy!

With MigoMobile MEDIA, you get a range of valuable and unique features:

Your Media Library To Go:
Syncs Photos, Music, and Videos on your PC to your phone
Fully compatible with popular programs you are already familiar with, like ITunes, Windows Media Player, Picasa Photo Albums, and many others.
Sync Both ways: PC to Phone AND Phone to PC!
Keep your mobile phone and your computer fully synchronized. Data you have on your phone, such as updated contacts, pictures and videos on your camera phone are all sync’d back to your PC. It’s truly a perfect pairing for anyone with a camera or video phone or even a music phone.
Your Contacts, Always in Sync:
Sync Outlook and Windows Mail contacts from a PC to your phone; and new contacts added to your phone are automatically added back to Outlook on your PC
Full Screen Video Playback:
Play back movies in full screen mode on your phone, because video synced with MigoMobile MEDIA is automatically sized to play at exactly the right screen-size and playback speed of your specific phone
Automatic Formatting for Hassle-free Media Playback on a Phone:
Never have to worry about whether your music, photos, and video can be played back on your phone. MigoMobile MEDIA simply - and automatically - converts your media into the format that is most compatible with your phone
Don’t let your technology slow you down this holiday season. Treat yourself and discover firsthand why MigoMobile MEDIA is the hottest gift around! Try a FREE 14-day trial today, no credit card required, or save yourself time and Buy Now!
Windows Vista Windows Explorer Tech Tip:
Making Windows Explorer
Open a Specific Folder or Drive

Do you use Windows Explorer to access files or folders on your PC? Have you made a shortcut to Windows Explorer on the desktop, but dislike that it opens to My Documents by default? This tech tip will make Windows Explorer open the folder or drive of your choice.

For example, let’s say you want to open a folder named Music located in a directory named Downloads on the C: drive.
1 Right click on the Windows Explorer shortcut and click Properties. The shortcut tab is selected by default. This is where you will make your changes.
2 Change the target to: %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe C:\Downloads\Music
3 In Vista, this will open a double paned Windows Explorer with a tree view on the left and the contents of folder Music on the right.
3a In XP, however, the new target will only open a single pane.
To open the double pain view in XP use the /e switch like this: %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,C:\Downloads\Music

You can also access network drives by using a similar method. For example, let’s say the network drive is named server01 and the folder you want to open is Music you would use the following: %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,\\server01\Music

By using the + - symbols in the tree view on the left pane you can easily move or copy data back and forth from PC to server without actually having to close out of the first folder you were working in. You can simply drag and drop the files or folders you want from the pane on the right to the destination folder you just navigated to, without opening it, or without using the traditional copy/paste method.
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