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TouchStoneSoftware Monthly Newsletter Issue #8  |  January 2009
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In This Issue...
- New Technology Alert:
HyperSpace is now shipping
- Product Review: Identity Protectors - Who can you trust?
- Windows Vista Performance Boosting Tech Tip:
Disabling Unnecessary Features in Windows Vista
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New Technology Alert:
HyperSpace is
Now Shipping
Award-winning HyperSpace gives you an alternative to the slow Windows boot. Power your computer on and be instantly connected to the Web. Enjoy constant Internet connectivity, no crashes or reboots, longer battery life, and added security. Click here for your free 21-day trial of HyperSpace.
Instant On/Off – Immediately surf the Web, access Facebook, or check e-mail when you turn on your notebook. With HyperSpace, Windows will continue to boot in the background. A Windows icon appears to let you know once it has fully loaded. HyperSpace allows you to turn your notebook off in an instant, too.
Instant Access to Windows - Even when you’re browsing in HyperSpace, the full power of Windows is always just a click away when you need your big Windows applications.
Always Connected – Just like your smartphone, HyperSpace automatically connects to the best available network- wired, Wi-Fi, WWAN, and 3G, where available. No more wasted time configuring for the fastest connection as you hop from one location to the next.
Extends Your Battery Life – HyperSpace can extend battery life by up to 40%. Its lightweight design and intelligent multi-layered patented approach to managing Windows allows you to save your battery power for when you need it most.
Stronger Security for Your PC - HyperSpace is walled off and protected from viruses, malware and other external threats like keyboard loggers and phishing sites. Crashes won’t end your browsing session. Continue safely surfing the Web, checking e-mail or watching that YouTube video even if a rogue application attacks and disables Windows.
Safer Online Experience - HyperSpace protects your personal information when you shop online using the HyperSpace browser.
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Product Review:
Identity Protectors -
Who can you trust?
Identity Sweep
Identity theft services offer to protect you, but do they really work? We found one, IdentitySweep360, that outshines its competitors and should appeal to anyone looking to protect themselves online as well as offline. We were pleased to learn that IdentitySweep360 also includes more credit reports and credit scores than any national brand.

There are three ways that identity theft products work:

Prevention, which can actually prevent you from ever being the victim of identity theft. IdentitySweep360 is the only product we’ve seen that can both lock down your credit, and alert you to potential identity theft before it actually occurs.

Detection, which is often too late. Not with IdentitySweep360. Its 24x7 monitoring gives you the earliest possible warning of a problem. And it monitors data like your debit card, credit card, and personal info on the web and in hacker chat rooms. No other product does this.

Restoration, which you need in case you want to get your life back without spending hundreds of hours filling out forms. We were impressed by the comprehensive services included. They call their service “Recovery Butler” because they do virtually all the work for you, including filling out forms and FedEx-ing them to you with a “sign here” sticker. This is not just assistance, or guidance, they really are working to get your good name back. And they back it with a million dollar guarantee from a rock solid insurer, Lloyd’s of London.

IdentitySweep360 provides a full service and protects you in the following categories:
Credit Freeze with One Click Yes-Check mark
Identity Theft Insurance & Million Dollar Guarantee Yes-Check mark
Advertising-Free Online Dashboard Yes-Check mark
Recovery Butler Yes-Check mark
Chat Room Scans for Credit or Debit Card fraud Yes-Check mark
Personal Information Removal from the Internet Yes-Check mark
Credit Monitoring Yes-Check mark
Aside from the comprehensive monitoring provided by IdentitySweep360, three areas stick out as noteworthy features:
- The credit scores and monitoring service includes a credit freeze option allowing you to freeze your credit profile whether you felt you were in breach or not. This would provide for that extra level of protection if you were worried about your identity or credit.
The recovery services handled the process for you with one-on-one personal assistance to contact the credit bureaus and place fraud alerts in your files as well as contact creditors, reporting agencies and law enforcement for you to help clear your name.
The $1million identity theft insurance policy actually provides lost wages, legal defense, re-filing expenses such as phone calls, postage and notaries.
Click here for a FREE 30-day trial today, and PROTECT YOURSELF.
Windows Vista Performance
Boosting Tech Tip:
Disabling Unnecessary
Features in Windows Vista
Windows Vista
Windows Vista is automatically installed with more features than any other operating system. So many features, in fact, that it is probably more than you would ever use or need. All this excess code has a way of slowing down an operating system. Most of these fancy features will utilize too much memory and slow down graphics performance. You can speed up the performance of your Vista machine by disabling the functionality that you don’t currently use. There are probably at least a half dozen features that you can disable without a second thought. The great thing is that if you can always turn them back on if you miss a particular feature.
1. Click on the Start button to open your Start Menu.
2. When the Start Menu opens click on the Control Panel menu option.
3. Click on the Uninstall a Program option in the Programs category. (If you are using the Classic View, click Programs and Features instead)
4. On the left pane, click Turn Windows Features On or Off.
5. When Windows Vista asks you for permission to access these features, click Continue.
6. The list of features of the system is displayed. Uncheck the boxes just before the features you do use and want to disable. Unchecking this box will disable all features and sub-features. If you would like to keep a particular sub-feature, leave the main box checked and uncheck the sub-features you wish to disable.
7. Click OK to save these changes.
The average home user would probably want to disable the following features: Games (if you don’t play games), Internet Information Service (if you don’t host a website from your machine), Print Services (if you use internet printers), MSMQ Server (used by computer programmers), and the Windows PowerShell (for programmers and system administrators). These are just a few examples, feel free to try enabling and disabling other features to improve performance.
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