Is your PC healthy?
Have you done something smart for your computer lately, like cleaning its registry? It is a good way of restoring your PC's performance and reliability. The registry is a reference list that Windows uses to keep track of information about the software on your PC.

Every time you install a new program in Windows, information about that software adds to the registry. Over time, as you add and remove programs, change settings, and go about the business of using your computer, the registry keeps getting longer and errors creep in.

Cleaning up the Windows registry is not a simple process. RegistryWizard™ can help automate this task. It can check the registry for entries on programs that are no longer in the computer and eliminate the empty spaces to make the list more compact and efficient to use. They can also rearrange registry entries to streamline program execution.

The benefits of cleaning the registry are immediate and obvious. Your PC will boot faster and activate programs more quickly.

» Perform a registry scan now!

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The Greatest Windows Tips of All Time

PC World recently provided a list of the "classic tricks, utilities, and shortcuts for XP, Vista, or Windows 7." Here are a couple:

Simple screen capture: Take a screenshot by pressing Print Screen, which copies an image of your full screen to your clipboard so that you can paste it into Paint or your preferred image editor. To capture just the active window, use Ctrl-Alt-Print Screen.

Clean up your startup: If your PC drags its feet during the startup process, press the Windows key and type msconfig to open the System Configuration utility. Check in the Startup tab to see what your machine is loading. Your computer might be loading services or apps that you don't need or want to use on startup.

To see all 26 tips, go to has free advice for those considering the Windows 7 operating system upgrade.

Is your PC corrupted with errors? A quick scan will identify registry problems and provide a report detailing harmful system conflicts and errors.
Perform a registry scan now!

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