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Driver Tip: Installing Legacy Audio Drivers

Legacy audio drivers can get corrupted or go missing for some strange reason and it is one of the most common problems that a person encounters with his computers. It can be pretty frustrating because you have to log on to the Internet and then visit the manufacturer's website to look for the Legacy Audio driver updates. If you ask some technical support people, they will tell you to uninstall and then reinstall the program. This doesn't work at all.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the program can sometimes solve the problem, but not for long. Sometimes, there are updates that you need to do on your hardware to make it work with the system that you have. The problem with your driver could be that it has a bug. Downloading an update will help fix this bug. This also means that the update will improve your computer's performance.

To download the update for your Legacy audio drivers, you just need to go to manufacturer's website to download the driver. You will be able to find the driver updates there, and you will probably be overwhelmed with the number of drivers that you can see. It really can be confusing.

BIOS Tip: Quick Power On Self Test

Last month we mentioned that we would be discussing different BIOS settings in this space in some issues. In this issue we are going to discuss the setting Quick Power On Self Test.

Enabling this setting allows the BIOS Power On Self Test to bypass some of its tests during the bootup. One of the key things this does is causes the POST to skip checking all of the extended memory for errors. This increases the boot time greatly.

One disadvantage of enabling this setting, however, is that you do increase the chances of the POST missing and error message. Luckily, the POST memory test is pretty much useless to detect transient memory errors. So once your system is up and running and stable, you can enable this setting without any worries that you are missing something.

The safest thing to do is to leave it disabled. Especially if you are someone who very rarely turns your system off. If you do turn your system off daily and have large amounts of RAM in your system, then enabling this option will improve your startup time significantly.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Registry Tip: Install Updates and Shut Down Button Fix

Have you ever noticed when Windows 7 has updates to install, it turns your Shut Down button in to a Install Updates and Shut Down button? That can get pretty annoying for people who want to install updates on their own terms and not just because they are shutting down the system. Here is a registry tip that can make that button just a Shut Down button again.
  1. Click Start, type regedit.exe and hit ENTER.
  2. 2. Go to the following registry key, create it if it doesn’t exist:
  3. Add a 32-bit DWORD value called NoAUAsDefaultShutdownOption with a value of 1. No reboot should be necessary.
Now your Shut Down button should be back to normal, but if you wanted to use the Install Updates and Shut Down option, it's still available via the shutdown menu.

» Perform a registry scan now!

Question and Answer
I recently had a system crash and I lost a lot of important documents, not to mention some family photos and personal stuff. I want to make sure this will not happen to me again. What can I do to make sure all of my data is backed up, even if I don't remember to back it up myself?
- Mike G., Austin, TX

There are many different programs available that will perform data backups of your system on a scheduled basis. The best one we have found is NovaBACKUP. NovaBACKUP is easy to install and easy to use. Wizards guide you through the process and your protection begins immediately. Disaster recovery and full disk imaging options allow you to restore your entire system including applications and all files even in the event of total computer loss. NovaBACKUP also has local and online backup, so your data is double protected.

» You can check out NovaBACKUP here.

Every time I open a new Explorer window, it is only half-size and I have to maximize it. Can you tell me how to fix it?
- Kristina H., Lee’s Summit, MO
If you want to have your Explorer window open to full size open only one Internet Explorer window. Right-click on the upper bar of the window and select "maximize." Then go to the "file" menu and choose "exit."

If you have a certain size that you want Explorer to be when it opens, open IE and size the window to your liking. Then hold down CTRL while clicking the X to close the program. This will set the IE window to open at this setting.

I can't seem to delete email from my Outlook Express mailbox. However I am allowed to drag the email to other folders. What's going on?
- Jayne S., Little Rock, AR
Most likely the Deleted Items folder has been damaged and needs to be repaired. It can be repaired this way:
  • Go to the Deleted Items folder in Outlook Express.
  • Move all messages you may want to keep to your Inbox or another folder.
  • Shut down Outlook Express.
  • Open your Outlook Express store folder.
  • Delete the "Deleted Items.dbx" file.
  • Restart Outlook Express.
  • Make sure you empty the Deleted Items folder frequently.

Tech Tip
Windows Unstable? Need to Reinstall? Try Reimage First!
Are you having problems with Windows? Are you getting blue screens? Windows crashing and running poorly? Reimage is the program for you. Reimage fixes your Windows OS, eliminating the need for reinstalling. It also reverses the damage already done with a full database of replacement files.

» Download Reimage

Quote of the Month
"The Internet is the world's largest library. It's just that all the books are on the floor."

- John Allen Paulos

Sites of the Month

Fun Sites
Wanna know what people are talking about? Tweeting about? Googling? This site tells you the hottest up-to-the-minute topics.

Techie Sites
Lost in Technology
A technology blog that gives you the tips and tricks you need to get the most out of all your software and Internet tools.

Stat of the Month

Worldwide 3-D TV Shipment Forecast
(Millions of Units)

IHS iSuppli Research
May 2011

Vocab Test


The act of parking (or registering) domain names that are misspelled in order to cash in on errant key strokes.

Browser Add-On

Quiet Url

Often while surfing web sites it's common to encounter mistyped links like http://http//, mainly in forums, blogs and such. This Firefox extension automatically translates those mistyped links in valid ones using regular expressions.

Windows 7 Gadget

Network Meter

This 2 in 1 Network Meter (Wireless Network Meter and Wired Network Meter) will show you Signal Quality, Internal and External IP address, Speed Test, and more!

  Twitter Tips

If you copy someone else's tweet, it is only proper that you give credit to the original tweeter. You do this by simply putting "RT @name" in front of the tweet you copied and go ahead and retweet.

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