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Recently I've noticed the two older systems that are running Windows XP and Windows 7 are noticeably slower versus our newer Windows 8 system. Is there such a thing as a Windows "tune-up" program that you can suggest I use to improve the performance on my computers?
– Julie S., Sedona, AZ
If you want the best all-in-one PC optimization program that is simple to use, yet powerful enough to truly improve performance and security, go with Reimage. Within minutes Reimage will safely identify and repair all of the serious errors that are known to hurt your system performance. This includes a virus, malware even spyware. Plus, Reimage's patented technology actually reverses any damage already done to Windows XP, 7, even Windows 8 with a huge database of replacement files. Try Reimage today and get a complete PC analysis for free.

» Download Reimage
Please help! I keep getting notified I don't have enough space on my disk, even though there's still plenty of unused memory on my computer. Also, my Windows stopped downloading updates because the system storage is full. Is there anything I can do?
– Alex B., Oakland, CA
Don't worry. This just means your storage space isn't distributed correctly along your disk partitions. Disk management tools would be of great help to you. Check out Acronis Disk Director — the most feature-rich disk management product. It will allow you to create, resize, move, or merge hard disk partitions without data loss. So it will be up to you how much space each disk on your computer gives you. You can even expand the size of your system partitions, such as Windows system disk, to allow more storage space for upgrades. Partition management simplifies PC usage and keeps your files safe. You can get Acronis Disk Director today — especially since Acronis is now running a huge discount offer – for just $9.99

» Learn More About Acronis Disk Director
I recently setup a new wireless router. What can I do to secure it?
– Laurie G., Dayton, OH
When creating the wireless network, you gave it a name, called the SSD Identifier (SSID). If you prefer that only certain people access the Wi-Fi, one thing you can do is hide the SSID of your network by telling your wireless router not to broadcast it. You'll then need to tell family members or co-workers the name of the network, so that they can manually enter it into their PC's when connecting to the network. To prevent outsiders from accessing the network, you'll want to add encryption, which scrambles the radio signal. Only people with the key or password will be able to connect to the network and receive internet access. Wireless routers have the ability to utilize one of a few types of encryption, including WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), and WPA2. WEP is the oldest encryption standard and is the least secure option because it can easily be compromised. WPA2 is a more secure version of the WPA standard and nearly all current Wi-Fi adapters support it. With WPA2, you can use your local servers to authenticate the pre-shared key or set up a passphrase of 8 to 63 characters.

Driver Tip: How To Disable Digital Driver Signing

Have you ever tried to install some device drivers on Windows 7 and received a warning message that those drivers should be digitally signed? You can disable this driver signing warning message in Windows 7 with a simple procedure.

Go to the Start menu and type cmd.exe in the Search Bar. Right click on cmd.exe and choose Run as Administrator.

If you have the UAC turned on, choose Yes to proceed. Otherwise, you should see the command windows opened already. In the shell window, copy and paste the following and hit Enter.

bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

You'll get a confirmation that the operation completed successfully. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect. You've just disabled digital driver signing in Windows 7.

RegistryWizard new version!
There is a new version of RegistryWizard™! This version is a complete redesign. We have changed every screen within the program to make the interface as logical and easy-to-follow as it could possibly be.

RegistryWizard™ is your all-in-one tool for correcting errors in your registry and will help optimize and stabilize the performance of your computer.

Product Enhancements:
  • Enhanced the registry scan engine for better performance
  • Optimized the Registry Deep Cleaning feature
  • Improved Browser Cleaning
  • Optimized 64-bit support for Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Enhanced Registry Backup process
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes
If you currently own RegistryWizard™, make sure you download the new version and experience these improvements yourself.

Never tried RegistryWizard™ before? Download the free trial today. The trial is fully functioning and allows you to fix up to 30 errors for free!

Give RegistryWizard™ just 2 minutes and we guarantee that your PC will run better, faster and error free.

» Download RegistryWizard Now! (New version now available)

BIOS Tip – Using Default BIOS Settings

Are you having trouble with your computer? Do you have a suspicion that the issues may be BIOS related? Perhaps you are receiving BIOS or CMOS error messages, or Beep Codes at startup. Perhaps you are receiving hardware related errors in Windows, or even experiencing periodic Blue Screens in Windows. Maybe you have updated your BIOS and some things just don't seem right.

These problems can be the result of a Windows Update, installation of new hardware, installation of new drivers, overclocking, configuration changes in the CMOS setup, or just a single change in your system's configuration. The result is often configuration or compatibility issues stored in the CMOS Setup. If this is the case, these problems can often be resolved by resetting CMOS settings by loading either the default CMOS/BIOS settings, clearing the CMOS, or by upgrading the BIOS.

Always start with the simplest solution first. Enter the CMOS setup utility during the startup of your PC. Then load the defaults by selecting Load Fail-Safe Defaults, Load BIOS Defaults, or whatever your BIOS manufacturer has named this function in your particular type and version of BIOS. Be sure to save your changes before exiting the CMOS Setup.

If this has resolved your problem you can then start tweaking the CMOS settings again to optimize performance, or try loading the Optimized defaults from the CMOS setup. Continue tweaking the CMOS settings until you have configured your system to meet your requirements and preferences. If problems reoccur, repeat the process until you pinpoint the setting that is causing the problem and make the appropriate change.

If loading the defaults does not correct the problem clear the CMOS by powering off the system, unplugging it, and removing the CMOS battery for 8-10 hours. Then put the battery back, reconnect the power, and restart the PC. Note: You will need to enter the CMOS setup reset the date and time, and save the new date and time settings before exiting. Confirm if your problem is fixed, and again, proceed to tweaking the CMOS settings if desirable.

If you still suspect you have BIOS related issues after loading default CMOS/BIOS settings, or clearing your CMOS, you may need to upgrade your BIOS to support the latest system/configuration changes made to your PC. Visit your system manufacturer's website, or use a program like BIOSAgentPlus to see if there is a newer BIOS available for your PC.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Customize Your Windows 7 Shut Down Button
There is an option to replace the "Shut Down" button with another action, if you rarely shut down the computer, but you more often restart it or put it on sleep. Right click the Start Button, go to Properties and choose the "Power Boot Action" to do whatever you want, from the given options.

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"Just as we could have rode into the sunset, along came the Internet, and it tripled the significance of the PC."

- Andy Grove

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Set your Tweets to disappear with a simple hashtag. Sometimes you don't want some of your tweets to stay on your Twitter timeline forever. Some may be time-sensitive, so after a while, they are not needed anymore and can be removed. Spirit allows you to do this by adding a simple hashtag to the end of the tweet.

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Tall Tweets
Tall Tweets will help you write tweets that are longer than 140 characters.

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Global Shipments of Capacitive Touch Panel Displays for Use in Tablets
(Thousands of Units)

Global Shipments of Capacitive Touch Panel Displays for Use in Tablets
Source: IHS Research
August 2013

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Describes a piece of technology that supposedly won't become outdated (anytime soon).

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Can I Stream It

Check if a movie is available from popular streaming services including Netflix, Amazon, VUDU, HULU, iTunes, Epix.

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Flipboard brings together world news and social news in a beautiful magazine designed for your Android phone and tablet.

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Twitter trends help you stay updated on what people are talking about around the web. You can change the list to reflect trends in your own country or select cities, worldwide and even trends tailored to your interests and those you follow.

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iOptimizer is the ultimate application for getting to know your iPhone, iPad or iPod better. iOptimizer monitors the performance of your device, so that you can configure it for optimal use. It will also help you find out everything about your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch both on the system and on the user level. iOptimizer is powerful, intuitive, and extremely easy to set up and use.

(New Version - May 2013)
  • iPad Support
  • Improved 'Activity' Section
  • Improved 'Processes' Section
  • Improved 'Battery' Section
  • Improved 'System' Information
  • Improved 'Network' Section
Best of all — It's FREE!

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