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Is it time for a new notebook? Last week my two year old HP ProBook running Windows 7 shut down on its own and has since locked up a couple of times. Plus I've noticed it's running slower than when I first purchased it. Any ideas what might have caused this issue? How can I safely check to see what is causing the problem? And most importantly, how can we fix it and restore my notebook? Thanks TouchStoneSoftware!
– Jeffrey D., Newcastle, WY

Your problems are not unusual. They are actually quite common. There are numerous causes for Windows shutting down, locking up and becoming sluggish over time. Such as, corrupt or missing files, a hidden virus, malware, or spyware. You can try to do a repair of Windows or re-install Windows. Our #1 suggestion is to use an award winning program called Reimage. In a matter of minutes, Reimage repairs & replaces corrupted files, removes virus damage & much more.

First, the Reimage preliminary scan will detect all errors on your PC's Operating System, including Windows XP, 7 & 8. Next, Reimage's patented repair process removes and replaces damaged files found during the scan. Reimage actually reverses the damage done to your Windows operating system by replacing corrupted and deleted files with fresh Windows files and components from their secure online database. The result is your PC's performance, stability and security will be restored and improved in just minutes.

» Download Reimage

I’m using Windows 7. In the past whenever I was having issues with my computer, I would do a System Restore to fix it. But lately when I try to do that, I get “System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s system files and settings were not changed.” Can you tell me what is wrong?
– Daniel A., Kent, OH

System Restore can fail for a number of reasons, and when a user encounters problems, one of the best procedures is to run it in Safe Mode. To start Windows 7 in Safe Mode, restart the computer. Press and hold the F8 key as the computer restarts. If you see the Windows logo, you waited too long to press F8. Eventually you will see an Advanced Boot Options screen. Use the Arrows on your keyboard to highlight the Safe Mode with Networking option and press Enter. Now that you’re running in Safe Mode, you can try System Restore again. Click Start, then Control Panel, and select System and Security. Select Action Center and finally select Recovery. Click on Open System Restore and then select a restore point.

I’m trying to decide on whether to install a 64-bit operating system on my computer or stick with a 32 bit. Is there any advantage to using a 64-bit version over a 32-bit version?
– Richard C., Taylorville, IL

There are several benefits in going with a 64 bit operating system. With a 64 bit operating system you can use a maximum of 4GB of RAM. 64 bit operating systems run very fast with 4GB of RAM and you can upgrade your RAM to 8 or 16GB later.

Security is also much better with 64 bit versions of Windows. 64 bit device drivers are digitally signed, which means you will not have random crashes.

Since 64-bit systems process more information and support more RAM, they are more responsive when running complex applications or many applications simultaneously. If you’re someone who uses graphics applications like Photoshop, video editing, games, etc. You should definitely go with 64 bit.

PC Performance Tip: Taskbar Thumbnail Delay

Windows 7's useful taskbar is great, but if you don't like waiting for the thumbnails to show up when you hover your mouse over a taskbar item, a simple registry tweak will speed things up.

First type regedit into the search box in the Start Menu and hit Enter.

Now navigate to:

Advanced and right-click to create a new DWORD. Name it ExtendedUIHoverTime.

Now double-click on ExtendedUIHoverTime, and give it a Decimal value of "1." Click OK, and exit the Registry Editor. Log off [your system] and log back on for it to go into effect.

Please Note: Before performing these tweaks, we recommend backing up your systems registry. To back up the Registry the easy way, simply open Control Panel, click System, and then click System protection on the left sidebar. Click the big Create button to have Windows walk you through the straightforward process of creating a System Restore Point — it's as easy as that.

» Perform a registry scan now!

BIOS Tip – Will An Updated BIOS Fix That?

A question we get quite often is “Can a new BIOS fix my problem?” The answer depends on what the problem is. There are certain things that a BIOS update will not fix. The following are a couple of examples.

Increasing Amount of RAM or Updating the CPU – This one is a little tricky. Here’s why… While, in most cases, you may need a BIOS update to help with your RAM and CPU support, it isn’t the only factor. The chipset on the motherboard must also support the amount of RAM and the speed of the CPU that you want to upgrade to. For example, if you want to upgrade to 4GB of RAM , and the system chipset only supports 2GB, then a BIOS update isn’t going to make a difference. However if the system chipset supports 4GB and your system will only see 2GB, THEN a BIOS update is necessary. With the CPU, the system chipset must support the speed that you are upgrading to If not, then the BIOS doesn’t matter.

USB Boot Capability – USB Boot Capability is another function that is dependent on the chipset. The system chipset must support this function in order for the BIOS to enable it.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Change Your Windows 8 Start Screen Background
If you'd like to change your lock, user tile or start screen images then press Win + I, click 'Change PC settings' and choose the Personalize option. Browse the various tabs and you'll be able to choose alternative images or backgrounds in a click or two.

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“Technological progress is like an ax in the hands of a pathological criminal.”

– Albert Einstein

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Letterboxd is a social network for sharing your taste in film. Use it as a diary to record your opinion about films as you watch them, or just to keep track of films you’ve seen in the past.

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PC Teach Me
Free Computer Video Tutorials useful to assist you in your quest for information and when you need some answers.

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November 2013

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People who use mobile devices to browse online stores, comparison shop, and get recommendations from friends.

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Be consistent, tweet as often as you can.

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iOptimizer is the ultimate application for getting to know your iPhone, iPad or iPod better. iOptimizer monitors the performance of your device, so that you can configure it for optimal use. It will also help you find out everything about your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch both on the system and on the user level. iOptimizer is powerful, intuitive, and extremely easy to set up and use.

(New Version - May 2013)
  • iPad Support
  • Improved 'Activity' Section
  • Improved 'Processes' Section
  • Improved 'Battery' Section
  • Improved 'System' Information
  • Improved 'Network' Section
Best of all — It's FREE!

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