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My Dell Inspiron laptop is not running so good and last week I got what I learned is the "blue screen of death". I've changed browsers and checked to see if I have a virus, which didn't help. Then I called Dell and they suggested that I reinstall my Windows 7 operating system. But I am nervous that I will wipe out my data on my hard drive or just make matters worse. Is there a 'wonder tool' for PCs that will return my Dell to its glory days? The thing is I'm not a real 'techie', so if you have a safe and easy fix that will prevent me from having to reinstall Windows I'd love to hear it.
– Amanda C. Tucson, AZ
Thanks Amanda. You're not alone. Many folks are in your situation. For years, we have recommended a PC repair program called Reimage. It is kind of like a 'wonder tool'. Whether you need to fix your Windows OS, detect a hidden virus, repair corrupt files or simply tune up your PC, Reimage saves the hassle of doing all this work manually. Plus you won't need to back up and reinstall the entire operating system. Just download and run Reimage. Their free scan will quickly and securely test your system for all sorts of problems. Next, Reimage will repair your damaged PC with patented technology that repairs your Windows Operating System with a full database of replacement files. Reimage's patented technology actually reverses the damage done to your Windows operating system. You can learn more and get your free download at

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Last week the news was buzzing about that bug that they called "Heartbleed" that left popular websites vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Netflix, and a dozen other websites I commonly use were all affected. To the best of my knowledge, all of these sites were patched, but security experts have been recommending everyone to change their passwords for these sites. It took me many hours to track down all the different websites I have passwords for, figure out the correct username/password combination, and change each of the passwords. There has to be an easier way! Can you recommend a better method before the next cyber-scare happens?
– Rebekah M., New Orleans, NO

Yes, Heartbleed has been a headache for everyone. In this day and age we are expected to remember dozens of different passwords and most of the time we have our browser do it for us. In situations where we need to make a change, it’s very difficult to remember passwords because we become very reliant on our browsers. It’s never a good idea to use the same password on every website, so that really complicates matters. My savior the last couple weeks has been RoboForm. RoboForm is a password manager that keeps a list of all of your websites that require a password. When it comes time to change a password for a website, RoboForm logs you in and will save the updated password that you create. The best part is that RoboForm also helps you create complex passwords that will be far less vulnerable than what you probably are using right now. It works with Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android. This month RoboForm Everywhere is being offered at a special price of just $9.95 for an entire year of service!

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Is it really possible that the memory module upgrade I got from Dell doesn't fit? The half-circle slots the clamps are supposed to go into are visibly higher on the new module versus the old. It is also evident that there is less space from the top to the slots on the new one.
– Missy D., Boulder, CO
Yes. RAM (Random Access Memory) modules are produced in different standards and sizes. Manufacturers, such as Crucial, have online tools that help you determine which modules are compatible with your computer. If your module doesn't fit snugly into the open memory slot, then it's probably the wrong version and the computer won't recognize it.

Driver Tip: Resolving Driver Issues

Whether you have recently installed a device or it came pre-installed, you will definitely have problems if the right driver isn’t installed, or has become corrupted. Here are some of the things you can try to resolve a driver related issue:

Restart the computer – Before you do anything, try a simple restart of the computer. Sometimes the computer freezes or gets overwhelmed, and restarting the machine may resolve the problem. Bear in mind that most operating systems require that the computer be restarted after a new installation; otherwise the connected device will not work properly.

Disconnect and reconnect the device – Especially if the device is connected via a USB (universal serial bus) port, disconnect it and then plug it in to a different USB port. This will allow the operating system to automatically resolve problems related to minor resource conflicts. If all goes well, the OS will detect the device (assuming it is plug-and-play) and install the correct drivers.

PC Performance Tip: Increase Your Boot Up Speed

One of the best ways to improve the performance of your computer is to limit the items that start when your computer boots up. If you have 20+ programs running automatically when your computer starts, not only will it take forever to boot, but it will be slow the entire time you use it. This happens because even if you’re not using these programs, they will run in the background, which still uses your computer’s resources.

Check out the little icons near your computer’s clock. That’s the system tray. Whatever is in there starts up when your computer starts up — and consequently makes your computer slower. You can improve the performance of your computer pretty easily by doing the following:

Go to Start > Run.

Type msconfig and click OK.

Click the Startup tab.

Clear all the check boxes.

Click OK.

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BIOS Tip – How to Set a BIOS or UEFI Password

A Windows, Linux, or Mac password just prevents people from logging into your operating system. It doesn’t prevent people from booting other operating systems, wiping your drive, or using a live CD to access your files.

Your computer’s BIOS or UEFI firmware offers the ability to set lower-level passwords. These passwords allow you to restrict people from booting the computer, booting from removable devices, and changing BIOS or UEFI settings without your permission.

These passwords are set in your BIOS or UEFI settings screen. On pre-Windows 8 computers, you’ll need to reboot your computer and press the appropriate key during the boot-up process to bring up the BIOS settings screen. This key varies from computer to computer, but is often F2, Delete, Esc, F1, or F10. If you need help, look at your computer’s documentation or Google its model number and “BIOS key” for more information. (If you built your own computer, look for your motherboard model’s BIOS key.)

In the BIOS settings screen, locate the password option, configure your password settings however you like, and enter a password. You may be able to set different passwords — for example, one password that allows the computer to boot and one that controls access to BIOS settings.

You’ll also want to visit the Boot Order section and ensure the boot order is locked down so people can’t boot from removable devices without your permission.

On post-Windows 8 computers, you’ll have to enter the UEFI firmware settings screen through Windows 8′s boot options. Your computer’s UEFI settings screen will hopefully provide you with a password option that works similarly to a BIOS password.

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Tech Tip

Is Your Windows 8 Computer Having Trouble Keeping the Correct Time?
Right click on the clock icon in the bottom right corner of your Windows 8 screen. When the options menu pops up, select 'Adjust date / time.' A new window will then appear. Click on the 'Internet Time' tab and then click 'Change settings.' From the next screen you can select the option 'Synchronize with an Internet time server.' Once the drop-down menu appears you can select the option '' After that's complete, simply tell the system to 'Update now'.

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