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Help! I think my Dell Inspiron laptop was infected and maybe hijacked last week after I opened a weird email when I was in Starbucks on their Wi-Fi. Now my Dell is terribly slow at times, especially when I'm using Chrome. It's been hanging up and taking forever to re-boot. It's just not right. Do you have any ideas what could be causing this problem and more importantly, how can I safely restore my Dell? Thanks TouchStoneSoftware!
– Diane S., New York, NY
We constantly hear from folks with similar problems, so you are not alone. There are many causes for Windows shutting down, hanging up and slowing to a crawl. Your Dell most likely has several corrupt or missing files, a nasty virus, malware, or even worse, spyware. You're best to restore your notebook from scratch and a good cleaning. Our top suggestion is to use the award winning program Reimage. Within minutes, Reimage actually repairs & replaces corrupted files, removes virus, and malware damage & much more. First, Reimage will safely scan your system and quickly find all the errors within your laptop's Windows OS. Next, Reimage's patented technology not only removes the damage, but also reverses the damage done to your Windows OS by replacing corrupted and deleted files with new Windows files and components from Reimage's online database. Within a few minutes your PC's performance, stability and security will be restored and improved. Try their free scan today.

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My CPU fan is stuck at 100% and it's very loud. The fans started running at high RPM shortly after I updated my Asus motherboard BIOS. I tried changing my BIOS fan controls, but that doesn't seem to work. Before all this, I could control fan speeds with Silent, Standard, Turbo, or Manual. Now these settings don't work and the fans are running at max speed. Any ideas how I can stop my CPU and chassis fan running at 100%?
– Larry, Baltimore, MD

There are a number of things that you can try that might help the situation you are dealing with:

  • Ensure that the Fans are Plugged into the Proper Ports
  • Clear your CMOS (BIOS) Settings
  • Downgrade the BIOS to another Previous Revision
  • Determine if the Fans are Faulty
  • Determine if the Power Supply is Faulty

Aside from these options, you can try installing a different BIOS on the system. Visit and scan your system.

I’m using Windows 7. In the past whenever I was having issues with my computer, I would do a System Restore to fix it. But lately when I try to do that, I get “System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s system files and settings were not changed.” Can you tell me what is wrong?
– Daniel A., Kent, OH

System Restore can fail for a number of reasons, and when a user encounters problems, one of the best procedures is to run it in Safe Mode. To start Windows 7 in Safe Mode, restart the computer. Press and hold the F8 key as the computer restarts. If you see the Windows logo, you waited too long to press F8. Eventually you will see an Advanced Boot Options screen. Use the Arrows on your keyboard to highlight the Safe Mode with Networking option and press Enter. Now that you’re running in Safe Mode, you can try System Restore again. Click Start, then Control Panel, and select System and Security. Select Action Center and finally select Recovery. Click on Open System Restore and then select a restore point.

Driver Tip: Rolling Back Drivers in Windows

We've realized from talking to our customers, that many of them are unaware of the driver rollback feature in Windows. This feature can come in very handy when installing drivers. If a driver doesn't work very well for you, and you want rollback to the previously installed driver, here is how you can do that:

1. Open the Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager, locate the device that you want to rollback the driver for. You can navigate through the hardware categories by clicking the + or > icon. You can find specific devices under these major hardware categories.

3. After finding the hardware you're rolling back the driver for, right click on the device's name or icon and click on Properties.

4. In the Properties window for the device, click the Driver tab.

5. On the Driver tab, click the Roll Back Driver button. If the Roll Back Driver button is disabled, Windows does not have a previous driver to roll back to so you won't be able to complete this process.

6. Click the Yes button to the "Are you sure you would like to roll back to the previously installed driver software?" question. The previously installed driver will now be restored. You should see the Roll Back Driver button as disabled after the roll back is complete.

7. Click the Close button at the bottom of the device properties screen. Click Yes on the System Settings Change dialog box that says "Your hardware settings have changed. You must restart your computer for these changes to take effect. Do you want to restart your computer now?" If this message is hidden, closing the Control Panel window might help. You won't be able to close Device Manager. Depending on the device driver you're rolling back, it's possible that you won't need to restart your PC. If you don't see the message, consider the roll back complete.

8. When Windows starts again, it will load the device driver for this hardware you had previously installed.

Driver Roll Back only allows you to roll back a driver once. In other words, Windows only keeps a copy of the very last driver installed. It does not keep an archive of all previously installed drivers for the device.

PC Performance Tip: Prevent Windows 8 Account Users From Changing Internet Settings

To begin, make sure that you have logged in as Administrator or have required administrative rights to change local group policies. First, go to Start Screen, type gpedit.msc, select Apps from right sidebar, and then click gpedit.msc in main window

This will open Local Group Policy Editor. Now, go to the following location and open Network Connection policy settings.

Local Computer Policy/ User Configuration/ Administrative Templates/ Network

In the main window, double-click Prohibit access to properties of components of a LAN connection policy setting.

This will open a separate window, from where you can tweak with the default policy setting. At the top, there are Not Configured, Enabled and Disabled options available. Selecting each setting will let you read its effect in Help section. To enable Prohibit access to properties of components of a LAN connection, just select Enabled from the list and click OK.

It will take you back to the Local Group Policy Editor. Now, look for Prohibit access to properties of a LAN connection and double-click it to change this policy setting. In its' policy setting window, select Enabled and click OK. If you did everything right, you will see Enabled under the State column for both aforementioned policy settings.

Once done, you need to enforce the changes made to policy settings. To do so, close the Local Group Policy Editor and open the Run dialog box. Enter the command gpupdate /force and click OK. The policy will be updated and applied on all user accounts.

This will immediately disable Properties button in the Internet connection dialog, restricting your PC users from changing the internet connection settings.

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BIOS Tip – Wrong Motherboard Identification Can Cause BIOS Failure

One of the most common reasons for a BIOS upgrade failure is that the user has wrongly identified their system’s motherboard. If you download a BIOS for the wrong motherboard, then the BIOS update will fail and your motherboard will become inoperable.

That's one of the reasons a tool like BIOSAgentPlus is so useful. It takes all the guess work out of it. BIOSAgentPlus scan technology properly identifies your motherboard 100% of the time. There will be no doubt which motherboard you have after scanning with BIOSAgentPlus.

Once you have scanned, our team of BIOS Technicians make sure that you are sent the proper BIOS update for your system.

The moral of the story is - don’t ever download a BIOS if you are unsure of what motherboard you have. Let BIOSAgentPlus take the guess work out of it.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Are your programs taking too long to open? Are they on a Network Drive?

If programs are taking too long to open, they could be stored on network drive that has a slow connection. Make sure that the programs are installed on your C drive. This will cut down considerably on the time it takes to open the program.

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