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Last year I purchased a HP Pavilion notebook with Windows 8. Over the past week it will randomly slow to a crawl and just lock up. I've tried all the tricks including a few anti-virus and anti-malware programs, but they say my notebook is "clean". Now, HP support is telling me to reinstall Windows 8 or upgrade to Windows 10. I've learned there's a risk of losing files, like photos, when reinstalling Windows. What can I do at this point? I will try anything.
– Haley D., Virginia Beach, VA
You're right Haley. Reinstalling Windows takes time and can be tricky. We've heard from users that have lost valuable documents and files doing so. We suggest trying a wonderful application named Reimage. Simply download and run Reimage free scan and within minutes, this powerful tool will safely detect and fix all of the errors found on your computer. If there's a virus, malware, or spyware on your notebook, it will be detected and removed. Plus, Reimage's patented technology reverses any damage already done to the Windows OS by replacing bad files with a full database of good replacement files.

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I'm constantly getting notifications of Windows updates. Do I really need to install them all? What benefit will I get from them?
– Don C., Carson City, NV

One of the most common things that hackers use to hack your system are the known vulnerabilities in the OS. Many of the updates that are marked as “critical” are security related. Therefore it’s a very good idea to install the updates in the RECOMMENDED section, because it is most likely addressing a vulnerability that a hacker has found. At the very least, make sure you keep Windows Update active so that you will at least know when the updates become available. Adding and improving features is another good reason to install updates. You can also set Windows Update to automatically install updates so you won’t need to do any manual installation of the updates. Instead, you will just be notified that Windows has installed the updates.

What is the difference between a computer with an integrated graphics processor and one with a dedicated graphics processor?
– James W., Dayton, OH

Computers with integrated graphics will either have a chip built into the motherboard or capabilities built into the processor that performs the task of displaying video onto your monitor. The integrated graphics share resources with your computer’s memory, which can degrade the computers video performance. A dedicated graphics card is an add-on card whose sole job is to handle video processing tasks. If you are someone who plays video games or plan on editing home movies on the PC, it would be wise to have a dedicated video card. One of the key graphics processor specifications is the amount of video memory the card offers. The more memory the card offers, the faster the computer will be able to play games and the greater support it will offer for HD video. To let you easily connect your PC to an HDTV, many new computers offer an HDMI output to let you use a single cable for audio and video.

Driver Tip: Common Fixes for Driver Problems

If you are having problems with drivers after you have installed them, here are some common fixes that will solve most of your driver problems.

Restarting Your Computer – After installing a driver be sure to restart your computer. Many drivers will not work properly until the system is restarted.

Reinstall the Driver - If you are facing hardware issues, one of the first steps you should take is to reinstall the hardware driver. In many cases this will solve your problem. When you do this, Windows automatically detects and installs the hardware, like new. To do this, go to "Device Manager" on your Windows machine and select "Confirm Device Removal". Then reinstall the driver and reboot the system.

Rolling Back a Driver - This is a very easy process and there is nothing unsafe about it. To roll back a device driver means to revert to the old version. Windows will use the previous version of your driver. In your Device Manager, right click on the device and choose Properties. Click on the Driver tab, and then click Rollback Driver.


PC Performance Tip: PC Performance Tip – Make Your Battery Last Longer in Windows 10

Windows 10 brings with it multiple new features and Battery Saver mode is one of them. When, in the active state, the feature conserves battery life by limiting the background activity and adjusting the hardware settings.

When you turn on Battery Saver in Windows 10, the following happens:

  • You will not automatically receive emails or calendar updates.
  • Live Tiles may not update.
  • Apps will not be allowed to run in the background.

Press Win+I to launch the Settings app and then navigate to System > Battery Saver. Here, depending on your requirement, you can turn Battery Saver on or off manually. If you wish to configure its settings, click Battery Saver settings to control its automatic activation.

This Battery saver setting panel, will allow you to:

  • Turn battery saver on automatically if my battery falls below.
  • Allow push notifications from any app while in battery saver mode.
  • Lower screen resolution while in battery saver mode.

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BIOS Tip – Tweaking BIOS to Improve Boot Speed

Tweaking your BIOS settings can be a good way to get your system to boot faster. Just a simple change of some of the key settings can make dramatic differences in how fast your system boots up.

Enable the "Quick Boot" Feature: Many newer PC’s have a special BIOS setting, usually called "Quick Boot" or "Quick Power On Self Test" that can be enabled to make the boot take less time. Try enabling this setting; this will cause the BIOS to skip some of the normal test routines that it performs at boot time, speeding up the boot process.

Remove the Boot Delay Setting: Some PC’s have a BIOS setting that you can use to intentionally delay the boot-up of the PC by several seconds. This setting is often called "Boot Delay" or "Power-on Delay". This can be useful when the BIOS is booting too quickly, causing hard disk drives to be booted before they are ready. However, it also slows the boot process down, so make sure that it is only enabled if it is needed.

Disable Floppy Drive Seek: Also called “Boot Up Floppy Seek.” Most PCs have a BIOS setting to disable floppy drive seeking, which is the short access the BIOS makes to the floppy disk just before it boots the system. This seek (unless disabled) is performed regardless of whether the system is being booted from the hard disk or floppy disk. Disabling the seek speeds up the boot process by a couple of seconds. This doesn't really have any negative impact on the system, although if you are having problems with your floppy drive you will probably want to re-enable the "Seek", as this makes troubleshooting some types of problems easier.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Changing The Theme In Windows 10

Did you know you can change the theme pretty easily in Windows 10? In the Personalization settings, click on Themes and then on Classic Theme Settings. This will take you to the Classic Theme Settings in Control Panel where you can see 3 default themes and 4 high contrast themes which are purposely designed for night usage and for those with challenges. Select the desired theme and click on Save Theme. You can also create new Windows themes too.

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