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Today I called Dell support hoping they could help find the cause of my year old system running poorly. They suggested that I reinstall Windows 10 on my Inspiron notebook in order to repair corrupt files and to remove what they believe is a stubborn virus. I'm scared about potentially losing some or all of my data. Plus, I'm not that PC savvy to know all the steps. Any suggestions?
– Taylor H., Berkeley, CA
We highly recommend a program named Reimage. Within minutes Reimage will quickly diagnose your PC for all kinds of problems. Next, Reimage will safely repair and reformat your notebook without requiring a Windows installation disc. Reimage's patented repair technology automatically replaces important system files that have been corrupted. It's like clean Windows installation within an hour, without having to worry about losing any programs, system settings or your personal data. Reimage will restore your PC in just a few clicks and get you back to peak performance.

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I have Windows 10 running on a Dell desktop, which I leave turned on but logged off of the Internet. Every six weeks or so, when I clear the screen saver first thing in the morning, I get a Windows message, "An external storage device has been connected." Before I can acknowledge it, it disappears. Any idea of the source of this? I'm mostly concerned that some type of virus could be downloading info from the PC?
– Don G., Baltimore, MD

It's almost certainly not tied to a virus. The message may appear if you left any devices with storage capability, such as a thumb drive, digital camera, etc., connected to a USB port on your computer.

Last week, I received an email from Microsoft requesting that I verify my account and provide another e-mail address where I could receive alerts, re: suspicious activity on my account. I confirmed my old phone number and entered an alternate email. My personal information appeared. I was unable to change anything. I received a message that the site could not process my request at this time. Have I been had?
– Teresa R., Andover, MA

These types of requests from e-mail providers, financial institutions and other online services are becoming more common in the wake of high-profile security breaches. As long as you didn't enter information into a third-party website, your account should be fine. If you're not sure, I would recommend changing your password and perhaps setting up two-step verification, which may require you to enter an updated phone number. The second step often involves the user receiving a code via text message and entering that number into the computer to verify their identity before accessing the account.

PC Performance Tip: Windows 10 God Mode

For those Windows 10 users hungry to have similar god-like powers, Windows 10 has its own GodMode. GodMode for Windows 10 gives you access to 262 new god-like powers. And, while it doesn't give you unlimited lives or save you from blue screens, it does expose some additional features and tools to play with.

Enabling GodMode is pretty simple. You simply create a new folder (can be created anywhere, but I suggest putting it on the Windows 10 Desktop so it's easy to locate), and give the new folder an intricately specific name.

Create a New Folder on the desktop...

Rename the folder to exactly this (copy and paste is best):


Welcome to GodMode! Have fun with it.

While this tip is for Windows 10, it also works for other versions of Windows. Try it on the version you are using. Works great for Windows 8.1, which exposes 270 functions.

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BIOS Tip – Virus Warning

Many BIOS will have a setting called Virus Warning. This is different than any Anti-Virus software that you may have installed on your system. This is Boot Sector virus protection which protects the boot sector or partition table of your hard drive. When this function is enabled, if someone or something attempts to write to the boot sector or partition table of the hard drive, a warning message will appear on screen and an alarm will sound. When disabled, you will not get a warning message and no alarm will sound. This feature only protects the boot sector of the hard drive, it does not protect the entire drive. Your anti-virus program installed on your system will take care of the rest of the drive. Obviously, it is a very good idea to keep this option enabled in the BIOS.

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Tech Tip

Windows Hello

Windows 10 includes a suite of new biometric security features known as Windows Hello, and – if your computer has the necessary hardware – you can use fingerprint detection or face recognition to log in. From the Settings app (search for it from the taskbar) choose Accounts and then Sign-in options to see the different choices available.

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