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I work at Goodwill Industries where I am responsible for refurbishing donated PCs, most of which are notebooks running Windows 7, 8 & 10. Many of the PCs we receive are loaded with problems ranging from virus and malware infection to corrupted files and Windows problems. Unfortunately, we don't have the original Windows CD, so I can't simply reload the OS. Can you suggest a software tool that I can use to restore and repair Windows and tune-up these computers?
– Michael L., Boston, MA

Yes. Take a minute and try a PC repair program named Reimage Plus. First, the Reimage Plus free scan will diagnose the complete system and provide a full report outlining all of the detected problems. Next, Reimage Plus will repair all of the errors on your PC, ranging from a hidden virus, malware even spyware. Best of all, Reimage Plus has patented technology that reverses the damage to your Windows OS, by replacing corrupted files with the newest Windows files and components. The PC will be restored and improved in no time.

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I have a 10-year old Dell computer with a matching monitor and keyboard. Of course it is time to update, and I am wondering if I can replace the processor with a newer model Dell with Windows 10 and keep the same monitor and keyboard. Or would you recommend I replace the whole thing?
– Doris C., Dover, NH

If you are upgrading to Windows 10, I would recommend replacing the entire setup and purchasing a desktop with a touch-screen monitor. The operating system's interface is touch-friendly. Though it will work with a traditional mouse, your experience with Windows 10 will probably be more enjoyable if you also have a touch-screen monitor. Additionally, with 10 years of technical advancements, a new monitor will provide a far better picture.

I use Mozilla Firefox and when I try to download a file, it sends the file to the DOWNLOADS folder on my C: drive. How can I change where the files are saved to?
– Lindsey C., Shawnee Mission, KS

There are a couple of different ways to change where the files are being saved. The first way is to have the browser ask you on every download where you want to save the file. You can do this by clicking on TOOLS in Firefox and then choose OPTIONS. Then click on the GENERAL tab, and click the radio button next to ALWAYS ASK ME WHERE TO SAVE FILES. Now you will be prompted to provide a location every time you download a file.

The second way is change the default location for saved files, so that every time you download a file it will be saved to the location you choose automatically. To do this, you want to click on TOOLS in Firefox and then choose OPTIONS. Then click on the GENERAL tab, and click the radio button next to SAVE FILES TO. You then need to click on BROWSE and navigate to the location you want the files saved to. Files will now be saved to this location by default.

Driver Tip: Resolving Driver Issues

Whether you have recently installed a device or it came pre-installed, you will definitely have problems if the right driver isn’t installed, or has become corrupted. Here are some of the things you can try to resolve a driver related issue:

Restart the computer – Before you do anything, try a simple restart of the computer. Sometimes the computer freezes or gets overwhelmed, and restarting the machine may resolve the problem. Bear in mind that most operating systems require that the computer be restarted after a new installation; otherwise the connected device will not work properly.

Disconnect and reconnect the device – Especially if the device is connected via a USB (universal serial bus) port, disconnect it and then plug it in to a different USB port. This will allow the operating system to automatically resolve problems related to minor resource conflicts. If all goes well, the OS will detect the device (assuming it is plug-and-play) and install the correct drivers.

PC Performance Tip: Get Back HD Space After Upgrading To Windows 10

When you’ve upgraded to Windows 10, you'll notice a significant hit on hard drive space—up to 20 GB taken away from you. For those with older or even solid-state hard drives (SSDs), this can be a substantial hit.

Luckily, there's a super easy way to reclaim some, or possibly all, of this space back, and it's done with Windows' built-in Disk Cleanup utility.

To free up hard drive space, search for Disk Utility (or access it through the "Windows Administrative Tools" folder in the Start menu). From there, hit the option for "Clean up system files" and let Disk Cleanup re-launch.

You'll see options in the "Files to delete" list for "Previous Windows installations" and "Temporary Windows installation files."

Just note that by clearing these two entries, you will no longer be able to roll back to your previous version of Windows. So make sure it's something you want to do before actually doing it.

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BIOS Tip – Wrong Motherboard Identification Can Cause BIOS Failure

One of the most common reasons for a BIOS upgrade failure is that the user has wrongly identified their system’s motherboard. If you download a BIOS for the wrong motherboard, then the BIOS update will fail and your motherboard will become inoperable.

That is why a tool like BIOSAgentPlus is so useful. It takes all the guess work out of it. BIOSAgentPlus scan technology properly identifies your motherboard 100% of the time. There will be no doubt what motherboard you have after scanning with BIOSAgentPlus.

Once you have scanned, our team of BIOS Technicians make sure that you are sent the proper BIOS update for your system.

So, don’t ever download a BIOS if you are unsure of what motherboard you have. Let BIOSAgentPlus take the guess work out of it.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Are your programs taking too long to open? Are they on a Network Drive?

If programs are taking too long to open, they could be stored on network drive that has a slow connection. Make sure that the programs are installed on your C drive. This will cut down considerably on the time it takes to open the program.

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