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Help! My Acer Aspire laptop needs urgent care! It's been a great machine for two years, running Windows 10 with 8 GB of RAM. But now it is terribly slow and will lock-up at times. I've tried so many things, like removing unwanted programs and disabling apps at start-up and cleaning up my browser. My friend thinks I have a hidden problem like a malware or a virus, even though my virus protection reports my system is clean. Any suggestions on how can I check to see what is really causing this problem and hopefully restore my system back to peak performance? Thank you in advance.
– Terry D., Richmond, VA

We get many users with the same situation. However, there are so many issues that can affect a PC's performance, such as Windows shutting down and becoming slow over time. For example, corrupt or missing files, hidden viruses, malware, or spyware. Our top recommendation is to use a great program called Reimage. The Reimage program will safely find and replace corrupted files, remove virus damage, plus much more. First, Reimage's powerful deep scan will detect all the Windows Operating System errors. Next, Reimage's patented repair process removes and replaces the damaged files found during the scan. During the repair, Reimage actually reverses the damage done to your Windows OS by replacing corrupted and deleted files with fresh Windows files and components from their online database. Within minutes, your laptops performance, stability and security will be restored and improved.

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I'm in big trouble with my wife after I accidentally deleted more than 1500 family photos from our home PC. Please let me know the safest way to recover these files. Otherwise, I'm heading for a divorce.
– Victor C., Salem, NH

TouchStoneSoftware has a great solution called UndeletePlus for recovering & restoring deleted files, including photos and videos. When it comes to recovering files, it's important to know that when a file is deleted from your PC, flash disk or phone, it does not mean it is lost forever. Typically files are not destroyed when deleted; it simply marks the space that the file was using as being available for re-use. If nothing has needed that space since the deletion, the data is still there and the file can be recovered. TouchStoneSoftware UndeletePlus is powerful software that can quickly scan a computer or storage medium for deleted files and restore them on command. It works with computers, flash drives, cameras, and other forms of data storage. Simply scan the device, select the files you want to recover, and click a button to restore the information or picture you thought was lost forever.

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I'm having a problem with files opening in the correct programs automatically. For example, when I try to open an MPG filer, it asks me which program to use when it should be using Media Player. I went to the file association list and the file type is not listed. What am I doing wrong?
– Henry P., Greensburg, PA

To associate any file with the program that should be able to open it, save the file to a folder on your hard drive. Right click on it, and select Properties. On the General tab under Opens With, click the Change button. If you do not see program listed, click Browse. Navigate to the program file (this will likely be on your C: drive in the Programs folder), and select it to force Windows to associate that file type with that program with a double click.

Driver Tip: Printer Drivers Can Be Tricky

Have you ever installed a printer driver and your printer stopped working? Or the new driver just doesn’t seem to install at all? With some printers the driver is pretty straightforward. It’s simply click and install. However, with other printer drivers the process can be a little more involved. If you are running into issues installing your printer driver, we suggest that you first uninstall the old drivers first. Then install the new ones. This should prevent any further issues and allow your printer to work properly. The old driver can be uninstalled by opening your Control Panel, and clicking on the Devices and Printers section. Right click on the printer, and choose PROPERTIES. Then click on the DRIVER tab, and choose UNINSTALL. You may be asked at this point if you want to keep the driver, say NO. Once that has completed uninstalling, you can install the new driver.

PC Performance Tip: Launch the Windows Troubleshooter

To launch it, type troubleshooting into the search box, and click the Troubleshooting Control Panel icon that appears. Then click Run Maintenance Tasks in the System and Security section of the screen
that appears. A screen titled Troubleshoot and help prevent computer problems will appear.

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BIOS Tip – Keep Unauthorized Users From Making Changes

The Security section of the BIOS can be used to keep unauthorized people from making changes to the BIOS.

The option called Security Option can be set to either Setup or System. When it is set to SETUP the security is on the BIOS Setup screens. A user would need a password to be able to make changes to the BIOS Setup screens.

When the option SYSTEM is set, the user will need a password to even get the system to boot.

There are also settings for Supervisor Password and a User Password. If you choose to set the Security Option then you will need to set your Supervisor and User Password options.

If you choose to select a Supervisor Password, a password will be required to enter the BIOS after you choose setup, as described above. If you choose SYSTEM as described above, then a password will be required for cold-booting, as well.

With the User Password option, a different password assigned to users is required to boot the PC, and if a Supervisor Password has also been selected, permits the user to only adjust the date and time in the BIOS.

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Tech Tip

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