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I'm running Windows 10 Home 64 with 8 gigs of RAM on my almost 2 year old HP Spectre laptop. This laptop was always super fast until last week when the latest Windows update appeared to get stuck and I needed to reboot. Now my PC is noticeably slower. It will shut down for no reason. Sometimes the keyboard lags. I'm afraid that Windows in corrupted or damaged or perhaps I have a nasty virus or malware. Can you suggest a tool to help me safely find the problem and restore my HP laptop?
– Jason R., Naples, FL

At this point, you need to repair and restore Windows. The best tool we recommend for repairing and restoring Windows is called Reimage. Trusted by more than 50 Million users for 10+ years, Reimage is a popular super program that safely and easily repairs and restores Windows. Best of all, you can try it for free. Reimage's free system scan will diagnose your PC for both common and unusual problems, like corrupt files, a hidden virus, malware and even spyware. After the deep system scan, Reimage actually repairs the damage found on your system using their patented technology that fixes and restores your Windows OS with a certified database of replacement files. If Reimage finds a virus or malware, no problem. It will be removed. Reimage's award winning technology reverses any damage to your Windows operating system and tunes it up at the same time. The result is a much faster and secure PC.

» Download Reimage

I'm in big trouble with my fiancé. I accidentally deleted hundreds of photos of our recent engagement party from my PC and my Samsung phone. I need to get them back ASAP. Can you help me please?
– Bobby D., New York, NY

We have you covered. Since 2006 millions of users have downloaded TouchStoneSoftware's UndeletePlus file recovery software application. UndeletePlus installs in less than a minute. First, choose the storage location that you want to recover deleted files from such as Hard Drives, USB Thumb Drives, Camera Media Cards, Floppy Disks and other storage devices. Next, run the UndeletePlus Smart Scan. Within minutes, UndeletePlus will find your deleted files and walk you through the recovery process.

» Download UndeletePlus

I recently setup a new wireless router. What can I do to secure it?
– Laurie G., Dayton, OH

When creating the wireless network, you gave it a name, called the SSD Identifier (SSID). If you prefer that only certain people access the Wi-Fi, one thing you can do is hide the SSID of your network by telling your wireless router not to broadcast it. You'll then need to tell family members or co-workers the name of the network, so that they can manually enter it into their PC's when connecting to the network. To prevent outsiders from accessing the network, you'll want to add encryption, which scrambles the radio signal. Only people with the key or password will be able to connect to the network and receive internet access. Wireless routers have the ability to utilize one of a few types of encryption, including WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), and WPA2. WEP is the oldest encryption standard and is the least secure option because it can easily be compromised. WPA2 is a more secure version of the WPA standard and nearly all current Wi-Fi adapters support it. With WPA2, you can use your local servers to authenticate the pre-shared key or set up a passphrase of 8 to 63 characters.

Driver Tip: Check Your Driver Versions

If you are having issues with your computer it’s often necessary to check the versions of drivers that you have installed on your system, especially when the problem is with display drivers, which always seem to have the most issues.

There’s a command line utility that comes bundled with Windows that gives you similar output. It’s called driverquery.

Running the command with no parameters will give you the default output.

To get detailed output you can use the /v parameter: driverquery /v

Or to output in list or csv format instead of the default table format, you can use the /FO switch:

Driverquery /FO [list, table, csv]

You can check out the full list of parameters to use with the command here

PC Performance Tip: Find Slow Programs

You're working on your computer, but it's dragging. Open up the Task Manager and check out the "Processes" tab. It will show you which apps and background processes are running and how much of your CPU, memory, disk and network resources they are each hogging up.

» Perform a PC performance scan now!

BIOS Tip – When is it Time to Update My BIOS?

We get a lot of people who ask, "How do I know when I should upgrade my BIOS?" It could be different for everyone, but usually there are some tell-tale signs. If you're experiencing strange behavior such as blue screens, your system restarting, or you're looking for more functionality such as the ability to add a larger hard drive to your system, then a BIOS update is definitely something you will need to consider.

Motherboard makers are constantly enhancing the BIOS firmware and the end result can be significantly improved performance, less buggy behavior, additional functionality, improved overclocking performance, and much more.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Quickly Find Missing or Corrupted Files

Type "cmd" into the taskbar >> Right-click on Command Prompt >> Select Run As Administrator. To find missing or corrupted files, type "sfc /scannow." To check for disk problems, type "chkdsk /f.".

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