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SLOW PC! My 9 month old Lenovo ThinkPad with Windows 10 and 32GB RAM plus a 1TB hard drive used to be super fast. I use it for work and a little gaming. Recently I developed a nasty problem after installing a piece of software that instantly caused my system to slow down. I quickly killed and uninstalled the app. But the problem persists today. Now my Lenovo takes several minutes to get into Windows and will randomly freeze up forcing me to reboot. My anti-virus says my PC is clean. I've tried a couple of tricks I found online with no success. I see a few apps online claiming they can restore my PC, but I'm afraid they can cause more damage. Can you please suggest a solution or a program that will safely repair and restore my laptop?
– Pat M. Alexandria, VA

Based on what you've described, you need to restore and ultimately optimize Windows. This can be a challenge for most users. Which is why we urge folks to use a safe PC diagnostic and repair program, trusted by millions of users named Reimage. This easy to use program will save you the time and the risk of having to reinstall Windows. Reimage's free scan will quickly and safely scan your system for all sorts of problems, like corrupt or missing files, a deep rooted virus, malware and even browser injections. After the complete system scan, Reimage will repair the found damage on your PC using their patented technology that actually repairs your Windows OS using a certified database of replacement files. Reimage's award winning technology can actually reverse the damage done to your Windows operating system.

» Download Reimage

I am a photo fanatic. Between my phone, digital camera and PC, I have thousands of photos. I'm confident a high percentage of my photos are extremely similar or duplicates. Now I'm realizing I need more storage space. Can you recommend a tool that will identify, sort and help me remove similar or duplicate photos?
– Charlie S. Seattle, WA

The best program we have tested to safely locate and sort duplicate and similar photos is Duplicate Photo Cleaner. Simply download Duplicate Photo Cleaner and within minutes Duplicate Photo Cleaner clearly lists all of your photos including duplicate and similar photos. Next, Duplicate Photo Cleaner will walk you through sorting, managing and removing your photos as you wish to do.

» Download Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Is there a way to block an entire domain from sending email to me? The reason I ask this is because I constantly receive spam email from numerous web domains which seem to exist for the purpose of sending spam emails only, and therefore deserve to be totally blocked. I would like to be able to fill in a domain name in Outlook, and then never see emails again from those web domains in my inbox. Thanks.
– Sharon L., Omaha, NE

Unfortunately, blocking an entire email domain is not an effective way to block spam because the FROM: field in an email can be forged. Most likely the domains you are receiving emails from don't even exist. Even if you blocked a domain, spammers will make up another randomly generated domain name, and spam will make its way straight into your inbox. A better solution for blocking spam would be to choose an email service provider that incorporates numerous anti-spam technologies. For example, SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys), greylisting, DNSBLs / RBL (DNS-based Blackhole Lists) all operate at the mail server level and are very effective at blocking spam. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, and all the other major email service providers already use these technologies, and because they operate on the mail server, there is need to configure your email client to use them. Unfortunately they are not 100% effective, which is why some spam email will get through and some legitimate emails will be redirected to a spam folder.

Driver Tip: Common Fixes for Driver Problems

If you are having problems with drivers after you have installed them, here are some common fixes that will solve most of your driver problems.

Restarting Your Computer – After installing a driver be sure to restart your computer. Many drivers will not work properly until the system is restarted.

Reinstall the Driver - If you are facing hardware issues, one of the first steps you should take is to reinstall the hardware driver. In many cases this will solve your problem. When you do this, Windows automatically detects and installs the hardware, like new. To do this, go to "Device Manager" on your Windows machine and select "Confirm Device Removal". Then reinstall the driver and reboot the system.

Rolling Back a Driver - This is a very easy process and there is nothing unsafe about it. To roll back a device driver means to revert to the old version. Windows will use the previous version of your driver. In your Device Manager, right click on the device and choose Properties. Click on the Driver tab, and then click Rollback Driver.

Use DriverAgent – A driver update service such as Driver Agent allows you to scan your PC for missing drivers. If you’re missing drivers are found, you can then download the drivers and receive unlimited driver updates for your system. This is a great option, especially if you are having problems locating the drivers on your own.

» Perform a driver scan now!

PC Performance Tip: Instantly Close a Program

Quickly close the current program Typing Alt + F4 will close the program that is running. This is useful as it saves you time mousing over the "X" and clicking.

» Perform a PC performance scan now!

BIOS Tip – Start Your PC at a Certain Time Every Day

Have you ever wanted your computer to be up and running and waiting for you when you get to your desk? In your BIOS setting you will find a section called POWER OPTIONS or POWER MANAGEMENT. In that section of some BIOS, you will find an option called POWER ON BY ALARM. This feature can be used to turn on your computer at a set time every day. For example, if you are someone who arrives in your office every day by 9:00 am, you can set your computer to turn on at 8:55 am using this feature. Just set that time in the POWER ON BY ALARM option. Once set, your computer will start up at that time every day. Your system will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive at your desk.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Undo Almost Any Action in Windows

Ctrl + Z : Did you know you can undo almost any action? Ctrl + Z is the ultimate hot key, and for sure you knew about it already, however note that undo doesn't just apply to typing. If you accidentally delete or move a file, you can hit Ctrl + Z to bring it right back to where it was (Ctrl + Y will redo whatever you undid).

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