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Today my wife had an online security threat after clicking on something. Whatever it was, it nearly croaked our Dell Inspiron laptop. It's noticeably slow and will lag for 10-20 seconds at a time. After running our AVG virus protection without success, I called Dell support. The Dell tech concluded we had some corrupted Windows files and that Windows 10 needed to be repaired and restored. He referred to it as a Windows Tune-up. Short of reinstalling Windows 10, Is there a safe way to repair and restore Windows without a total reinstall? I don't want to risk losing all of our files.
– Chris D., Sedona, AZ

Your PC problems are quite common and repairable. To fix your Dell, we recommend Windows Repair Tool to find and repair Windows problems such as corrupt or missing files, even nasty viruses. Windows Repair Tool will safely scan your laptop and diagnose your complete PC and deliver the findings with a full system report. Next, the repair tool will actually fix and restore your laptop PC without requiring a Windows reinstall. The Windows Repair Tool has patented repair and restore technology that automatically replaces critical system files that have been damaged. Picture a complete Windows tune up without performing a risky Windows reinstall. Windows Repair Tool will restore your PC in just a few clicks and get you back to peak performance. Best of all Windows Repair Tool is free to try.

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Oops! Today I accidentally deleted 500+ photos from both my Samsung Galaxy phone and my laptop. Is it possible to safely recover them? If so, I need to get them back ASAP. Can you walk me through getting them back?
– Devan N., South Lake Tahoe, CA

Yes, there's a good chance your photos can be recovered. We have recommended UndeletePlus since 2006. We have millions of satisfied users that have trusted TouchStoneSoftware's UndeletePlus file recovery software. UndeletePlus installs in less than a minute and scans your device for the deleted files. Before you scan, choose the storage location that you want to recover deleted files from such as Hard Drives, USB Thumb Drives, Camera Media Cards, Floppy Disks and other storage devices. Next, run the UndeletePlus Smart Scan feature. Within minutes, UndeletePlus will find your deleted files and walk you through the recovery process.

» Download UndeletePlus

Is it true that I can somehow use my Xbox One X in conjunction with my Windows 10 computer and play my Xbox One X games on my PC?
– Tim K., Seattle, WA

Yes Tim, it’s true. One of the nicest additions to Windows 10 is its integration with Microsoft’s gaming console, the Xbox One X. Game streaming lets you beam titles from your console to your laptop/desktop in another room. You could say its Microsoft’s competitor to Remote Play streaming on the PS4 and PS Vita, though it’s a far better implementation.

The simplest way to activate it is to open up the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC, ensure your console is on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and tap the Xbox One X symbol that appears on your PC or laptop. There is a slight lag introduced by playing this way but for slower paced games it works well.

Driver Tip: Installing Drivers Without A Setup or Install File

We are still asked how to install drivers that do not contain a Setup or Install file. If the file is not a single executable file, then most likely it will be a CAB file or a ZIP file. In those cases, extract the file to a location on your hard drive.


1. Right-click My Computer.

2. Choose Properties.

3. Choose Device Manager (In Windows 2000, you have to choose the Hardware tab first and then Device Manager). This will display a list of the devices that are on your computer.

4. Right click on the device and click Properties.

5. Choose Driver and click Update Driver.

6. You will be asked to browse for the new driver, locate the folder you placed it in choose the appropriate file.

» Perform a driver scan now!

Internet Privacy Tip: Keep Your Software Up-to-Date

According to online security experts, keeping your software applications up-to-date is essential. If you need help updating your software apps try

» Download SoftwareUpdater

BIOS Tip: State After Power Fail

We get asked a lot of questions about what each setting in the BIOS does. Every so often we will review a setting in this space and explain what the setting does. In this issue we are going to discuss the setting State After Power Fail.

The setting State After Power Fail deals with the state of your system after the system loses power. In some systems it may be called Power On After Power Fail. In that case the setting is self explanatory. If you set Power On After Power Fail to YES, then when power resumes the system will power on. If you set it to NO, then the system will remain off when power resumes.

However with State After Power Fail, you will have several options.

The first option is a setting called Stay Off. This setting, when selected, will keep your computer off when the power is restored.

The second option is a setting called Last State. This setting, when selected, will put your system in the state it was in when power was lost.

The third option is a setting called Power On. This setting, when selected, will turn the system on when power is restored. If you have a setting that you would like explained in a future newsletter, please let us know.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

"Shake" for Windows

If you have a display full of windows, clear the clutter by grabbing the top of the window you do like and "shaking" it to minimize all the other windows. Shake again and the windows will come back.

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