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I'm curious, why do PCs become slow and unstable over time? In my case it started after a recent Windows update. It's not unusual to wait several minutes for my two year old Lenovo ThinkPad to boot-up. And today I started getting an error message: 'Chrome Not Responding', which forced me to reboot. After 30 minutes on the phone with Lenovo support and $75, I was told it's possibly a corrupt application, a virus or an invalid or corrupt Windows registry or cache entry. The tech suggested I reinstall Windows or find an app to repair Windows. Reinstalling Windows is not an option. I can't risk losing all my data. What's the best solution to repair Windows at this point?
– Val S. Santa Clara, CA

The best solution to repair and actually restore Windows is Windows Repair Tool. Since 2007 millions of PC users have trusted Windows Repair Tool to find and repair every Windows problem ranging from missing or corrupt files, viruses, malware and other nasty junk that damage PC performance. Windows Repair Tool safely diagnoses your system and provides a complete system report. Next, this tool will safely repair and actually restore Windows without requiring a reinstall. The Windows Repair Tool has patented Windows repair and restore technology that replaces important system files that have been damaged. Think of it as a total PC and Windows tune up without performing a risky Windows reinstall. Windows Repair Tool will repair and optimize your PC safely and return it to peak performance. And Windows Repair Tool is free to try.

» Download Windows Repair Tool

1500+ photos and 300+ videos GONE. I don't know what happened, but somehow all of our photos and videos were deleted from our PC. I was hoping they wound up in my recycle bin, but they were not there. Many of the photos and videos are special family events. What's the best option to safely recover these files without damaging them?
– Dana T. Philadelphia, PA

First, be careful not to overwrite your deleted files. The tool that will give you the best chance to safely recover your files is UndeletePlus file recovery software application to get the job done. UndeletePlus installs in less than a minute. First, choose the storage location that you want to recover deleted files from such as Hard Drives, USB Thumb Drives, Camera Media Cards, Floppy Disks and other storage devices. Next, run the UndeletePlus Smart Scan. Within minutes, UndeletePlus will find your deleted files and walk you through the recovery process.

» Try UndeletePlus

Driver Tip: Why You Should Always Keep Drivers Up To Date

Drivers are simply a piece of software that allows higher level computer programs like Windows to interact with a hardware device. In other words, a driver allows Windows to recognize and work with the hardware in your computer. Windows itself incorporates some basic drivers for things like mice and keyboards but most drivers are created by the manufacturer of the specific hardware device.

Drivers are required for integral devices like graphics cards, sound cards, wireless adapters and network (wired/LAN) adapters but are also needed for external hardware like printers, webcams and scanners.

Updating a driver is often a useful first step in troubleshooting any hardware related issue in Windows. Also, driver updates are often released to fix an issue with how Windows works with a piece of hardware or to enable new features for it. Therefore, even if your hardware appears to be working fine now, we normally recommend updating drivers as a preemptive measure. This helps ensure that you don’t have issues in the future, especially if the date of your existing driver is already more than a year old.

» Check your drivers now!

PC Security Tip: Keep your software up to date.

Installing software updates for your operating system and programs is critical. Always install the latest security updates for your devices:

  • Turn on Automatic Updates for your operating system.
  • Use web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox that receive frequent, automatic security updates.
  • Utilize TouchStoneSoftware's Software Updater - It's FREE to find other software on your computer that needs to be updated.

» Download Software Updater

BIOS Tip – Keep Unauthorized Users From Making Changes

Tweaking BIOS to Improve Boot Speed
Tweaking your BIOS settings can be a good way to get your system to boot faster. Just a simple change of some of the key settings can make dramatic differences in how fast your system boots up.

Enable the "Quick Boot" Feature: Many newer PC’s have a special BIOS setting, usually called "Quick Boot" or "Quick Power On Self Test" that can be enabled to make the boot take less time. Try enabling this setting; this will cause the BIOS to skip some of the normal test routines that it performs at boot time, speeding up the boot process.

Remove the Boot Delay Setting: Some PC’s have a BIOS setting that you can use to intentionally delay the boot-up of the PC by several seconds. This setting is often called "Boot Delay" or "Power-on Delay". This can be useful when the BIOS is booting too quickly, causing hard disk drives to be booted before they are ready. However, it also slows the boot process down, so make sure that it is only enabled if it is needed.

Disable Floppy Drive Seek: Also called “Boot Up Floppy Seek.” Most PCs have a BIOS setting to disable floppy drive seeking, which is the short access the BIOS makes to the floppy disk just before it boots the system. This seek (unless disabled) is performed regardless of whether the system is being booted from the hard disk or floppy disk. Disabling the seek speeds up the boot process by a couple of seconds. This doesn't really have any negative impact on the system, although if you are having problems with your floppy drive you will probably want to re-enable the seek as this makes troubleshooting some types of problems easier.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

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