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I need help fast! Is there an easy and safe way to restore my Acer laptop's performance? I'd love to get it working like it did when it was new just two years ago? My slow PC problems started recently. I started to notice how slow it was taking for simple tasks. Even surfing the web is painful at times. I'm concerned that something has been corrupted or worse I have a virus that is undetected. Ideally I'm looking for a simple solution because I'm not too savvy when it comes to this matter. Is there an all in one solution you can suggest? If it's free that's even better. Thanks!
– Denny P. Ann Arbor, M

The fact is most PCs slow down over time with use. The trick to keeping your system running at peak performance is maintenance. Most importantly keeping Windows maintained is critical for good performance. TouchStoneSoftware strongly recommends Windows Repair Tool to find and repair Windows problems running slow, corrupt or missing files, viruses, malware and junk that kill PC performance. Since 2008 Windows Repair Tool has been trusted by tens of millions of users. Within a few minutes Windows Repair Tool will safely diagnose your complete PC and deliver a complete system report. Next this powerful Windows tool will safely repair and restore your system without requiring a Windows reinstall. Windows Repair Tool will repair and optimize your PC safely and get you back to peak performance. Best of all Windows Repair Tooll is a free for users that need help fixing their PCs.

The PCs that we use in our medical office have sensitive data. We make sure we delete the files once they are no longer needed. Recently I read online that even if you delete a file including from the Recycle Bin, it can still be recovered by file recovery software like UndeletePlus. My first reaction was shock then panic. What can I do to permanently delete and destroy files so they can never be undeleted or recovered by anyone including hackers?
– Tipper H. San Jose, CA

Your fears are 100% true. Most deleted files can be recovered quite easily. With today's online security worries it's important to make sure files are destroyed or shredded. The best app we've tested in Easy File Shredder. This powerful app acts just like a paper shredder only for digital files – it deletes them in such a way that they can’t be recovered or restored. Easy File Shredder uses advanced data deletion algorithms approved by the U.S. military and other government organizations, which guarantees complete security. With Easy File Shredder you can securely delete files and folders, erase already deleted files by clean-wiping free disk space, and scan your computer for files that can be recovered. Take a minute and see for yourself. Run the Easy File Shredder scan and you be surprised at what you find out.

» Try Easy File Shredder Today

Driver Tip: Benefits of Updating Your Printer Driver

Have you ever installed a printer driver and your printer stopped working? Or the new driver just doesn’t seem to install at all? With some printers the driver is pretty straightforward. It’s simply click and install. However, with other printer drivers the process can be a little more involved. If you are running into issues installing your printer driver, we suggest that you first uninstall the old drivers first. Then install the new ones. This should prevent any further issues and allow your printer to work properly. The old driver can be uninstalled by opening your Control Panel, and clicking on the Devices and Printers section. Right click on the printer, and choose PROPERTIES. Then click on the DRIVER tab, and choose UNINSTALL. You may be asked at this point if you want to keep the driver, say NO. Once that has completed uninstalling, you can install the new driver.

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PC Security Tip: Outdated Software is a Security Threat

- According to experts, installing updates for Windows and your software applications is critically important for security purposes.

* Turn on Automatic Updates in Windows
* Use web browsers such as Chrome and Edge that receive frequent, automatic security updates.
* Use
TouchStoneSoftware's Software Updater - It's 100% FREE to identify and update software on your PC.

» Download Software Updater

BIOS Tip – Virus Warning

Many BIOS will have a setting called Virus Warning. This is different than any Anti-Virus software that you may have installed on your system. This is Boot Sector virus protection which protects the boot sector or partition table of your hard drive. When this function is enabled, if someone or something attempts to write to the boot sector or partition table of the hard drive, a warning message will appear on screen and an alarm will sound. When disabled, you will not get a warning message and no alarm will sound. This feature only protects the boot sector of the hard drive, it does not protect the entire drive. Your anti-virus program installed on your system will take care of the rest of the drive. Obviously, it is a very good idea to keep this option enabled in the BIOS.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Delete your files for good

Hold down Shift key as you drag a folder or file to the Recycle Bin to delete it instantly

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