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My $1100 Lenovo ThinkPad P53 has been a great machine and problem free for more than a year. I use it a lot for both work and play each day for hours on end. Can you tell me what causes a PC to become slower and unstable over time? That's what has happened to me. I believe it was after my last Windows update plus I installed some new apps and uninstalled others. It's slower and will freeze for no reason. I'm concerned that I have a nasty problem that my anti-virus isn't detecting. The online Lenovo support tech suggested I reinstall Windows 10, but warned me that I could lose my files and data. So that's not an option for me. I looking for a way to give my Lenovo a good check up and get it restored. Please help me if possible.
– Carol L., Boca Raton, FL

Computers slow down over time for many reasons. For example, too many apps running at startup, corrupt or missing files, temp files need cleaning and viruses and malware. TouchStoneSoftware has recommended a safe, easy and free tool called Windows Repair Tool to instantly find and repair Windows problems such as corrupt or missing files, hidden viruses and malware that slow down a system. Trusted by millions of users Windows Repair Tool will safely scan your laptop and diagnose your computer and provide a detailed system report. Next, the repair tool will actually fix and restore your PC without requiring a Windows reinstall. Windows Repair Tool actually has patented Windows repair and restore technology that automatically replaces critical system files that have been damaged. Look at Windows Repair Tool as a complete Windows and PC tune up without performing a risky Windows reinstall. Windows Repair Tool will restore your PC within minutes and get you back to peak performance. Try it for free today.

Last week I purchased a new HP Pavilion laptop and I love it. However, sometimes I'm forced to continue using my four year old Dell notebook in order to access some of my needed files, programs and favorite stuff. I attempted to manually move some things to my new HP and learned it isn't easy. It's actually quite difficult. Is there an easy and safe way to transfer my old data, programs and settings to my new HP?
– Patty G., Boston, MA

We get this question quite often during the holiday season with people buying new PCs. The best tool we tested to safely and seamlessly move your files, folders, programs and even settings from one PC to another is FastMove. This app has a great reputation and support team and been around for years. Whether you're transferring data between computers sharing the same OS version, moving files and settings from a Windows 7 to a Windows 10 PC, or migrating from a 32-bit to a 64-bit system, FastMove is the best app for the job.

» Learn More About FastMove

Driver Tip: Why You Should Keep Drivers Up To Date

Drivers are simply a piece of software that allows higher level computer programs like Windows to work optimally with a hardware device. In other words, a driver allows Windows to recognize and work with the hardware in your computer. Windows itself incorporates some basic drivers for things like mice and keyboards but most drivers are created by the manufacturer of the specific hardware device. Drivers are required for integral devices like graphics cards, sound cards, wireless adapters and network (wired/LAN) adapters but are also needed for external hardware like printers, webcams and scanners. Updating a driver is often a useful first step in troubleshooting any hardware related issues in Windows. Also, driver updates are often released to fix an issue with how Windows works with a piece of hardware or to enable new features for it. Therefore, even if your hardware appears to be working fine now, we normally recommend updating drivers as a preemptive measure. This helps ensure that you don’t have issues in the future, especially if the date of your existing driver is already more than a year old.

» Perform a Driver scan Now!

PC Security Tip: Make sure your PC has a decent firewall.

Most computers these days have an integrated firewall built in to the operating system. Windows has the imaginatively titled “Windows Firewall” and Mac OS X has an integrated firewall as well. They are free and a must for keeping you safe while online.

BIOS Tip – Securing Your BIOS

Many people do not know it, but your PC's BIOS can become infected with malware. The most famous was the Chernobyl virus back in the 90’s. These days, there is less of a chance of this happening, but it is much better to be safe than sorry. There is a way to make sure your BIOS is secure and to protect it from any potential malware infections. The first step in your safety plan is to protect your BIOS with an administrator password that must be entered before a BIOS update can occur. Boot or reboot your PC. While it’s starting up, repeatedly tap the ‘DEL,’ ‘F1,’ or whatever other special key is required to launch the BIOS. This information is typically displayed onscreen during the boot process, although it might not be immediately obvious. This text, for instance, appears verbatim at the bottom of the screen for just a few moments after we start our computer.

Once your BIOS setup menu is loaded, look for the menu item that enables you to set up a password. There might be more than one. It may be listed as SET SUPERVISOR PASSWORD or SECURITY OPTIONS. Select the menu item for creating the password and enter a password (usually twice, to verify what you typed the first time). If you think you might have trouble remembering the password later, as you’ll access your BIOS infrequently, make sure you write it down somewhere. Save your BIOS changes and your computer will reboot. From here on out you’ll need to enter this password before any changes can be made to your BIOS, ensuring malware will have a harder time harming your PC.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Download Virtual Router to turn your computer(s) into a Wi-Fi hotspot. It will extend the reach of your network.

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