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Q: My 2 year old Acer Aspire laptop with Windows 10 has a hidden problem that has led to unexpected shutdowns, slower performance and periodic freezing. At least once a day I'm forced to reboot my PC. Avast antivirus says my system is virus free. The local Geek Squad tech suggested things like changing my hard drive, adding more memory and reinstalling Windows 10, but I know that's a) risky and b) sounds expensive for a laptop that only cost me $800. Isn't there a safe and simple way to find and fix this issue and return my Acer's performance and stability?
– Teddi G. Newport Beach, CA

A: O ver time, PCs need care and maintenance. Whether you need to repair or restore Windows, find and remove a hidden virus or malware, fix corrupted files or improve your computer's performance, we recommend a free tool called Windows Repair Tool. This simple and powerful app saves the hassle and risk of reinstalling Windows. Windows Repair Tool's free scan will quickly and securely test your system for all sorts of problems. Next, Windows Repair Tool will repair your damaged PC with its patented technology that actually repairs and restores your Windows OS with a fresh database of replacement files. Windows Repair Tool's unique technology actually reverses the damage done to your Windows operating system. Windows Repair Tool has been trusted by 50M users since 2008. Give it a try today.

Q: Happy Birthday! Just got a new iPhone 11 as a gift. When I went to transfer all the photos and videos from my old iPhone to my new iPhone, I learned I had more than 3000 files. The Verizon tech said it was going to take 3+ hours to transfer. So I took it home instead of waiting. I know I have hundreds of duplicate or very similar photos stored on my phone. What's the easiest and safest way to find and remove these duplicates in order to save transfer time
– Christian P. Andover, MA

A: So many of us don't realize how many duplicate and similar photos we have on our phones until it's too late. Not only do duplicates take up valuable storage, they can impact performance too. We suggest Duplicate Photo Cleaner. This neat tool is the only app for managing duplicate and similar photos you'll ever need. The new version of Duplicate Photo Cleaner now works with your iPhone or Android phone. Just connect your phone to your PC or Mac and you're ready to instantly find and remove duplicates that eat up your valuable memory and cause performance issues. It looks for similarities in your images and easily finds duplicate photos. Duplicate Photo Cleanerr also detects photos of the same subject, resized pictures, and edited images. You can try it for free too.

» Download Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Driver Tip: Installing Drivers Without A Setup or Install File

We are still asked how to install drivers that do not contain a Setup or Install file. If the file is not a single executable file, then most likely it will be a CAB file or a ZIP file. In those cases, extract the file to a location on your hard drive.

1. Right-click My Computer.
2. Choose Properties.
3. Choose Device Manager (In Windows 2000, you have to choose the Hardware tab first and then Device Manager). This will display a list of the devices that are on your computer.
4. Right click on the device and click Properties.
5. Choose Driver and click Update Driver.
6. You will be asked to browse for the new driver, locate the folder you placed it in and choose the appropriate file.

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PC Security Tip: Outdated Software is a Security Threat

According to security experts, installing updates for Windows and your software applications is critically important for PC and online security purposes.

* Turn on Automatic Updates in Windows

* Use web browsers such as Chrome and Edge that receive frequent, automatic security updates.

TouchStoneSoftware's Software Updater - It's 100% FREE to identify and update software on your PC.

» Download Software Updater

BIOS Tip – When is it Time to Update My BIOS?

We get a lot of people who ask, "When should I update my BIOS?" It could be different for everyone, but usually there are some tell-tale signs. If you're experiencing strange behavior such as blue screens, your system restarting, or you're looking for more functionality such as the ability to add a larger hard drive to your system, then a BIOS update is definitely something you will need to consider. Motherboard makers are constantly enhancing the BIOS firmware and the end result can be significantly improved performance, less buggy behavior, additional functionality, improved overclocking performance, and much more.

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Tech Tip

Show Desktop Button

On the bottom-right corner of the desktop is a secret button. Don't see it? Look all the way to the bottom and right, beyond the date and time.

There you'll find a small little sliver of an invisible button. Click it to minimize all your open windows.

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