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Q: Today I spent 60 minutes online with Dell technical support hoping to find out why my two year old Inspiron laptop suddenly is running slow and randomly locks up. It's frustrating because it's been a super laptop up until now and I don't know the cause of the problem. The Dell technician ran some tests and confirmed my system was free of malware and viruses. Next, he made sure I was running updated apps and limited applications at start-up. He concluded the issue was Windows 10 itself. He suggested Windows 10 may have been corrupted and some older apps may not have been completely uninstalled. Dell suggested restoring Windows to its original state by reinstalling Windows 10, but warned I could lose my files, like photos and important docs. I can't risk losing my files. Can you offer a suggestion on how I can fix the system and actually restore Windows 10?
– David D. Scottsdale, AZ

A: Your PC problems are quite common and can be repaired without reinstalling your OS. To fix your Dell the safe way, we recommend Windows Repair Tool to find and repair Windows problems such as corrupt or missing files, even nasty viruses and spyware. Trusted by 80 million+ users since 2008, Windows Repair Tool will safely scan your PC and diagnose your complete system and deliver the findings with a full system report. Next, Windows Repair Tool will actually fix and restore your laptop PC without requiring a Windows reinstall. The Windows Repair Tool has patented repair and restore technology that automatically replaces critical system files that have been damaged. Think of Windows Repair Tool as a complete Windows tune up without a Windows reinstall. This super tool will restore your PC in just a few clicks and get you back to peak performance. Best of all Windows Repair Tool is free to use.

Q: Last month I received a new Acer PC for my employer seeing that I am working from home three days per week. I find myself still needing to use my old laptop in order to access many of my files. What's the best method to move all of my files and software from my old computer to my new Acer system?
– Sydney R. Andover, MA

A: Running out-of-date software is a security risk and leaves you vulnerable to hackers. It's one of the key reasons software vendors release new versions that include the latest security patches. To be fully protected, you should update your software regularly. FastMove. This program has a great reputation and support team and has been around for many years. Whether you're transferring data between computers sharing the same OS version, moving files and settings from a Windows 7 to a Windows 10 PC, or migrating from a 32-bit to a 64-bit system, FastMove is the best app for the job.

» Learn more about FastMove

Driver Tip: Resolving Stubborn Driver Issues

Whether you have recently installed a device or it came pre-installed, you will definitely have problems if the right driver isn’t installed, or has become corrupted. Here are some of the things you can try to resolve a driver related issue:

Restart the computer – Before you do anything, try a simple restart of the computer. Sometimes the computer freezes or gets overwhelmed, and restarting the machine may resolve the problem. Bear in mind that most operating systems require that the computer be restarted after a new installation; otherwise the connected device will not work properly.

Disconnect and reconnect the device – Especially if the device is connected via a USB (universal serial bus) port, disconnect it and then plug it in to a different USB port. This will allow the operating system to automatically resolve problems related to minor resource conflicts. If all goes well, the OS will detect the device (assuming it is plug-and-play) and install the correct drivers.

» Get a Complete DRIVER Report!

PC Security Tip: Make Sure Your Software is Up-To-Date

According to security experts, installing updates for Windows and your software
applications is critically important for PC and online security purposess

* Turn on Automatic Updates in Windows

* Use web browsers such as Chrome and Edge that receive frequent, automatic security updates.

Use TouchStoneSoftware's
Software Updater - It's 100% FREE to identify and update software on your PC

» Download Software Updater

BIOS Tip – Securing your PC's BIOS

Many people do not know it, but your computer's BIOS can become infected with malware. The most famous was the Chernobyl virus back in the 90’s. These days, there is less of a chance of this happening, but it is much better to be safe than sorry. There is a way to make sure your BIOS is secure and to protect it from any potential malware infections

The first step in your safety plan is to protect your BIOS with an administrator password that must be entered before a BIOS update can occur. Boot or reboot your PC. While it’s starting up, repeatedly tap the ‘DEL,’ ‘F1,’ or whatever other special key is required to launch the BIOS. This information is typically displayed onscreen during the boot process, although it might not be immediately obvious. This text, for instance, appears verbatim at the bottom of the screen for just a few moments after we start our computer.

Once your BIOS setup menu is loaded, look for the menu item that enables you to set up a password. There might be more than one. It may be listed as SET SUPERVISOR PASSWORD or SECURITY OPTIONS.

Select the menu item for creating the password and enter a password (usually twice, to verify what you typed the first time). If you think you might have trouble remembering the password later, as you’ll access your BIOS infrequently, make sure you write it down somewhere.

Save your BIOS changes and your computer will reboot. From here on out you’ll need to enter this password before any changes can be made to your BIOS, ensuring malware will have a harder time harming your PC

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Load Webpages Faster

Disabling Windows Update is the magic solution here. But if you make it permanently, your operating system won’t be up-to-date. Therefore, you’ve just opened the door for bugs and viruses to enter. So instead, use a workaround. Disable it and re-enable it when you’ll be ready for updates.

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The world's largest earthquake was a magnitude 9.5 in Chile on May 22, 1960, according to the U.S. Geological Survey

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Lookup Companion for Wikipedia is a small tab extension that allows you to search anything on Wikipedia with a small popup window.

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Send Anywhere

This essential app saves you from the hassle of carrying your USB data cable around to exchange files with the PC, and it also has a web version. You can share all kinds of files using SendAnywhere as long as the two devices are running the same network. That being said, you can also use the Wi-Fi direct to transfer files.

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