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Q: Hi there. I take care of several computers at our local high school. Most are Dell, HP and Lenovo systems running Windows 10. Can you explain why some PCs appear to run slower over time and have a tendency to freeze up? I have four HP notebooks that I get corrupt file messages on. Can you suggest a fix to get all these systems cleaned up and their performance restored? Thank you for any feedback and helpful suggestions
– Cole C. Gainesville, FL

A: Good question. There are several reasons why a computer can become unstable, slow, or even lock up over time. This is true especially if it's used daily run apps and surf the web. Some possible reasons range from corrupt or missing files, a virus, malware, or spyware. Another common reason is that a program may have been installed or uninstalled improperly. The best solution is some Windows maintenance or you can try a Windows reinstall, but that can be tricky. We suggest you try a simple yet powerful Windows restore program named Windows Repair Tool. Here's how it works; First, Windows Repair Tool's deep system scan will detect all the errors on your PC's Operating System. Next, Windows Repair Tool's patented repair process removes and replaces damaged and corrupt files. Within minutes Windows Repair Tool is able to reverse the damage done to your Windows OS by replacing corrupted and deleted files with fresh new Windows files. Finally, if Windows Repair Tool detects a virus, malware or spyware it will fix that too. Try Windows Repair Tool today to fix your PC for free. Your PC's performance, stability and security will be restored and improved.

Q: Last month we canceled Comcast cable and decided to simply stream Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and other services. What's the best way record and download a show or movie on my PC and watch it when and where I want, especially when I don't have Internet access?
– Dana T. Cincinnati, OH

A: Cutting the cord is becoming more popular. People want to download a movie or show and watch it later, perhaps when traveling or someplace without Internet. Many want to create a nice video library. We tested several and recommend Replay Video Capture. from Applian. Replay Video Capture software is the best way to make production quality video recordings from hard-to-record sources. Replay Video Capture software is the only screen capture application of its kind that allows you to screen capture videos using Background Mode.

» Try Replay Video Capture

Driver Tip: The Advantages of Updating Video Chip Drivers

We get asked a lot if there really are any advantages to upgrading the drivers for your video card. Does it really make a difference? The answer is YES. It does make a difference. There are several reasons to update your Video Card drivers. Here are a few:

First, if you are a gamer you will notice the difference much more than the average computer user. Secondly if you are someone who watches a lot of movies or videos on your computer, up to date drivers are a must.

With many of today’s game titles and streaming video technologies, the need for more advanced video cards has arisen. Along with the new equipment it is important that you keep your drivers up to date.

Keeping your video drivers up to date fixes Limited Screen Resolution settings, along with providing support for higher refresh rates, it will also eliminate jitters in 3D modeling. The newest driver will help with video creation/editing software and eliminate skips and pauses during video playback.

The drivers will fix issues where videos play normally when scaled down, but play poorly or refuse to play at full screen. The new drivers will also help with higher frame rates (or Frames per Second) during game play or video playback resulting in smoother appearance and better experience, which will lead to increased system stability.

» Check your drivers now!

PC Security Tip: Make Sure Your Software is Up-To-Date

According to security experts, installing updates for Windows and your software applications is critically important for PC and online security purposes.

- Turn on Automatic Updates in Windows

- Use web browsers such as Chrome and Edge that receive frequent, automatic security updates.

Use TouchStoneSoftware's
Software Updater - It's 100% FREE to identify and update software on your PC

» Download Software Updater

BIOS Tip – Tweaking BIOS to Improve Boot Speed

Tweaking your BIOS settings can be a good way to get your system to boot faster. Just a simple change of some of the key settings can make dramatic differences in how fast your system boots up.

Enable the "Quick Boot" Feature: Many newer PC’s have a special BIOS setting, usually called "Quick Boot" or "Quick Power On Self Test" that can be enabled to make the boot take less time. Try enabling this setting; this will cause the BIOS to skip some of the normal test routines that it performs at boot time, speeding up the boot process.

Remove the Boot Delay Setting: Some PC’s have a BIOS setting that you can use to intentionally delay the boot-up of the PC by several seconds. This setting is often called "Boot Delay" or "Power-on Delay". This can be useful when the BIOS is booting too quickly, causing hard disk drives to be booted before they are ready. However, it also slows the boot process down, so make sure that it is only enabled if it is needed.

Disable Floppy Drive Seek: Also called “Boot Up Floppy Seek.” Most PCs have a BIOS setting to disable floppy drive seeking, which is the short access the BIOS makes to the floppy disk just before it boots the system. This seek (unless disabled) is performed regardless of whether the system is being booted from the hard disk or floppy disk. Disabling the seek speeds up the boot process by a couple of seconds. This doesn't really have any negative impact on the system, although if you are having problems with your floppy drive you will probably want to re-enable the seek as this makes troubleshooting some types of problems easier.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Delete your personal files forever!

Hold down Shift key as you drag a folder or file to the Recycle Bin to delete it instantly. Next take two minutes and permanently SHRED your personal files with Easy File Shredder .

» Try Easy File Shredder

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