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Q: I can use your help. Can you tell me how I can clean-up and restore my HP - Pavilion notebook? It seems ever since I upgraded my HP to Windows 10, it has become slower and unresponsive at times. Whether it's when I turn it on or hit the web it can take minutes to respond. After some research, I think I may have a hidden problem that my Avast anti-virus isn't finding. It's a great system so I want to restore it to its better days. Please keep it simple. I'm not too technically inclined.
– Tomi B. Costa Mesa, CA

A: People don't realize it, but Windows needs to be maintained from time to time. The best solution we've tested and suggested is a "super fix" program called Windows Repair Tool. First, Windows Repair Tool's free system scan will detect any Windows problems like missing or corrupt files, a hidden virus and malware threats. Next, Windows Repair Tool's patented repair process reverses the damage done to your Windows OS by replacing corrupted and deleted files with fresh Windows files. Finally, Windows Repair Tool safely removes detected virus and malware threats and completely cleans and restores your system. This will boost your PC's performance, stability and security. Best of all, Windows Repair Tool has a 100% FREE option for TouchStoneSoftware referrals.

Q: I recently bought a new HP Pavilion laptop and I love it. However, sometimes I'm forced to continue using my four year old Dell notebook in order to access some of my needed files, programs and favorite stuff. I attempted to manually move some things to my new HP and learned it isn't easy. It's actually quite difficult. Is there an easy and safe way to transfer my old data, programs and settings to my new HP?
– Patty G., Boston, MA

A: Moving your apps and data to a new PC can be a challenge. The best tool we tested to safely and seamlessly move your files, folders, programs and even settings from one PC to another is FastMove. This app has a great reputation and support team and has been around for years. Whether you're transferring data between computers sharing the same OS version, moving files and settings from a Windows 7 to a Windows 10 PC, or migrating from a 32-bit to a 64-bit system, FastMove is the best app for the job.

» Learn More about FastMove

Driver Tip: Why You Should Always Keep Drivers Up To Date

Drivers are simply a piece of software that allows higher level computer programs like Windows to interact with a hardware device. In other words, a driver allows Windows to recognize and work with the hardware in your computer. Windows itself incorporates some basic drivers for things like mice and keyboards but most drivers are created by the manufacturer of the specific hardware device.

Drivers are required for integral devices like graphics cards, sound cards, wireless adapters and network (wired/LAN) adapters but are also needed for external hardware like printers, webcams and scanners.

Updating a driver is often a useful first step in troubleshooting any hardware related issue in Windows. Also, driver updates are often released to fix an issue with how Windows works with a piece of hardware or to enable new features for it. Therefore, even if your hardware appears to be working fine now, we normally recommend updating drivers as a preemptive measure. This helps ensure that you don’t have issues in the future, especially if the date of your existing driver is already more than a year old.

» Check your drivers now!

PC Security Tip: Make Sure Your Software is Up-To-Date

According to security experts, installing updates for Windows and your software applications is critically important for PC and online security purposes.

- Turn on Automatic Updates in Windows

- Use web browsers such as Chrome and Edge that receive frequent, automatic security updates.

Use TouchStoneSoftware's
Software Updater - It's 100% FREE to identify and update software on your PC

» Download Software Updater

BIOS Tip – Can a BIOS update fix my problem?

A question we get quite often is “Can a BIOS update fix my problem?” The answer depends on what the problem is. There are certain things that a BIOS update will not fix. The following are a couple of examples.

Increasing Amount of RAM or Updating the CPU – This one is a little tricky. Here’s why… While, in most cases, you may need a BIOS update to help with your RAM and CPU support, it isn’t the only factor. The chipset on the motherboard must also support the amount of RAM and the speed of the CPU that you want to upgrade to. For example, if you want to upgrade to 4GB of RAM, and the system chipset only supports 2GB, then a BIOS update isn’t going to make a difference. However if the system chipset supports 4GB and your system will only see 2GB, THEN a BIOS update is necessary. With the CPU, the system chipset must support the speed that you are upgrading to If not, then the BIOS doesn’t matter.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Recover deleted files using Recycle Bin

To recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin without software: Open the Start menu and type "file history" . Select the "Restore your files with File History" option. Click the History button to show all your backed up folders. Select what you want to restore and click the Restore button. If your files are not in the Recycle Bin or have been overwritten, try NTFS Undelete's free recovery scan.

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