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Q: My wife is pressuring me to buy a new laptop because our little over two year old HP Pavilion with Windows 10 has been "misbehaving" and appears to have a serious problem. Although we use Avast anti-virus, it doesn't find any problems. It's no longer under warranty, so HP can't help. What's frustrating is we'll be using the PC and for no reason it will just hang-up or sometimes shut down on its own and we lose everything. Then it takes minutes to reboot. I've noticed that even Chrome is much slower. It just seems like an old tired system. Any suggestions how to fix our problem or should we buy a new PC?
– Chris D. Gainesville, FL

A: Before you replace your notebook, try to fix it. The best solution to safely repair your PC and restore Windows is to use a super program trusted by 100 million people since 2010 named Windows Repair Tool. It's easy. Step 1 is to download and run Windows Repair Tool. Give it a few minutes to run it's hard core system diagnostics. Within minutes the program will safely examine and diagnose your PC for hidden problems like malware and viruses, as well as broken or corrupted files. Windows Repair Tool will even detect if there's a problem with your Windows operating system. Finally, Windows Repair Tool's patented technology seamlessly repairs and restores your computer to its peak performance. Windows Repair Tool single fix is a free tool. Let us know how you make out.

Q: We work with PDF documents everyday at our office. Sometimes there's a need to modify a PDF or convert to a Word doc. Can you suggest a good tool that we can use to easily make these changes?
– Dale C. Albany, NY

A: Check out PDF Pro 2. This powerful yet easy to use app is the complete solution to manage and edit your PDF documents. PDF Pro 2 has everything you need to create, convert, edit, merge and protect your PDFs. Create perfectly sized documents that are readable on any device and use encryption to protect your property when needed. Your PDFs are now as easily editable as Word documents!

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Driver Tip: Resolving Driver Issues

Whether you have recently installed a device or it came pre-installed, you will definitely have problems if the right driver isn’t installed, or has become corrupted. Here are some of the things you can try to resolve a driver related issue: Restart the computer – Before you do anything, try a simple restart of the computer. Sometimes the computer freezes or gets overwhelmed, and restarting the machine may resolve the problem. Bear in mind that most operating systems require that the computer be restarted after a new installation; otherwise the connected device will not work properly. Disconnect and reconnect the device – Especially if the device is connected via a USB (universal serial bus) port, disconnect it and then plug it in to a different USB port. This will allow the operating system to automatically resolve problems related to minor resource conflicts. If all goes well, the OS will detect the device (assuming it is plug-and-play) and install the correct drivers.

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PC Security Tip: Permanently Delete Personal Files

Deleting personal files is a must when it comes to PC and online security. A high percentage of files that have been simply deleted to your recycle bin can be undeleted or recovered. To permanently delete files so they can never be recovered you need a file shredder app. We recommend Easy File Shredder, It's the best we tested.

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BIOS Tip – When is it Time to Update My BIOS?

We get a lot of people who ask, "How do I know when I should upgrade my BIOS?" It could be different for everyone, but usually there are some tell-tale signs. If you're experiencing strange behavior such as blue screens, your system restarting, or you're looking for more functionality such as the ability to add a larger hard drive to your system, then a BIOS update is definitely something you will need to consider. Motherboard makers are constantly enhancing the BIOS firmware and the end result can be significantly improved performance, less buggy behavior, additional functionality, improved overclocking performance, and much more.

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Tech Tip

Clean your Hard Drive by Defragging your Windows 10 PC

Cleaning your hard drives can help your PC run smoother and boot up faster. To optimize them:

1. Select the search bar on the taskbar and enter defrag.
2. Select Defragment and Optimize Drives.
3. Select the disk drive you want to optimize.
4. Select the Optimize button.

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