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Q: I need some help on how I can safely tune-up and restore my HP Pavilion 15t laptop without having to reinstall Windows 10. After speaking to HP tech support, that was their suggestion after they found the cause of my PC being slow and freezing up at times. Even Chrome locks up. Whether it's when I boot-up or online it can be painfully slow forcing me to re-boot. HP support believes I have a hidden problem that Windows Defender isn't detecting and that some Windows files may be corrupted. My options are to reinstall Windows or use a tool to repair and restore Windows. I prefer not to reinstall because that can be complicated. Any suggestions or tips on how to diagnose and restore my PC?
– Alex P. New York, NY

A: Your situation is quite common. The good news is that it's easy to restore your laptop. To fix your HP, we recommend Windows Repair Tool to diagnose and repair Windows problems such as corrupt or missing files and hidden viruses or malware. Trusted by millions of users since 2009 Windows Repair Tool will safely scan your laptop and diagnose your complete PC and deliver the findings with a full system report. Next, this free repair tool will actually fix and restore your laptop PC without requiring a risky Windows reinstall. The secret behind the Windows Repair Tool is their patented repair and restore technology that automatically replaces critical system files that have been damaged. Think of it as a complete Windows tune up without performing a Windows reinstall. Windows Repair Tool will restore your PC in just a few clicks and return your PC to peak performance. Best of all Windows Repair Tool can be used for free.

Q: I just got a new iPhone 12 Pro. When I went to transfer all the photos and videos from my old iPhone to my new iPhone, I learned I had more than 3000 files. The XFinity Mobile tech said it was going to take 3+ hours to transfer. So I took it home instead of waiting. I know I have hundreds of duplicate or very similar photos stored on my phone. What's the easiest and safest way to find and remove these duplicates in order to save transfer time
– Chris P. Andover, MA

A: So many of us don't realize how many duplicate and similar photos we have on our phones until it's too late. Not only do duplicates take up valuable storage, they can impact performance too. We suggest Duplicate Photo Cleaner. This neat tool is the only app for managing duplicate and similar photos you'll ever need. The new version of Duplicate Photo Cleaner now works with your iPhone or Android phone. Just connect your phone to your PC or Mac and you're ready to instantly find and remove duplicates that eat up your valuable memory and cause performance issues. It looks for similarities in your images and easily finds duplicate photos. Duplicate Photo Cleaner also detects photos of the same subject, resized pictures, and edited images. You can try it for free too.

» Download Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Driver Tip: Why You Should Always Keep Drivers Up To Date

Drivers are simply a piece of software that allows higher level computer programs like Windows to interact with a hardware device. In other words, a driver allows Windows to recognize and work with the hardware in your computer. Windows itself incorporates some basic drivers for things like mice and keyboards but most drivers are created by the manufacturer of the specific hardware device. Drivers are required for integral devices like graphics cards, sound cards, wireless adapters and network (wired/LAN) adapters but are also needed for external hardware like printers, webcams and scanners. Updating a driver is often a useful first step in troubleshooting any hardware related issue in Windows. Also, driver updates are often released to fix an issue with how Windows works with a piece of hardware or to enable new features for it. Therefore, even if your hardware appears to be working fine now, we normally recommend updating drivers as a preemptive measure. This helps ensure that you don’t have issues in the future, especially if the date of your existing driver is already more than a year old.

» Perform a DRIVER check now!

PC Security Tip: Online Privacy

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs can be used to access region-restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more. These days VPNs are really popular for people wanting to protect their online privacy. We've tested many VPNs over the years. We recommend IP Vanish , Within minutes, IP Vanish's VPN encryption allows you to protect your personal data from the prying eyes of your ISP, cybercriminals, and Wi-Fi snoopers

» Try IP Vanish Today

BIOS Tip – Keep Unauthorized Users From Making Changes

The Security section of the BIOS can be used to keep unauthorized people from making changes to the BIOS.

The option called Security Option can be set to either Setup or System. When it is set to SETUP the security is on the BIOS Setup screens. A user would need a password to be able to make changes to the BIOS Setup screens.

When the option SYSTEM is set, the user will need a password to even get the system to boot. There are also settings for Supervisor Password and a User Password. If you choose to set the Security Option then you will need to set your Supervisor and User Password options.

If you choose to select a Supervisor Password, a password will be required to enter the BIOS after you choose setup, as described above. If you choose SYSTEM, as described above, then a password will be required for cold-booting as well.

With the User Password option, a different password assigned to users is required to boot the PC, and if a Supervisor Password has also been selected, permits the user to only adjust the date and time in the BIOS.

» Perform a BIOS scan now!

Tech Tip

Shut down background apps in Windows 10

Apps that run in the background can receive info, send notifications, and stay updated, even when you aren't using them -- which can be useful, but can also suck your battery and your data, if you're connecting via a mobile hotspot. To control which apps are running in the background and save some battery power and data, go to Settings > Privacy > Background apps. To stop all apps from running in the background, toggle Let apps run in the background to Off. Or, you can choose which apps to run in the background individually by going down the list on the same page.

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