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Q: Does my laptop have a hidden virus or malware? I own an HP ENVY laptop with Windows 10 and love it. I run a lot of software and I spend hours per day on the web. It seems like my system suddenly got hit with a virus or something worse. It will be running great and then suddenly it will start running slow and I can see my CPU and memory are being consumed. When it acts up, I have to wait a few minutes and end up having to reboot. My AV software doesn't find anything. I've killed all the apps that hog resources, but nothing has helped. I'm thinking my system needs to be cleaned up and given a tune-up. I'm afraid I have a problem that may become a bigger issue. Any thoughts or suggestions? 
– Julian E., San Mateo, CA

A: You're not alone. We know that without the proper maintenance, a PC slows down over time. Your problem might be a virus, a corrupt or some missing files or Windows itself. To safely detect and fix the problem we recommend that you try Windows Repair Tool. For 10+ years Windows Repair Tool has been trusted by millions of satisfied users. First, Windows Repair Tool will safely diagnose your PC with their deep system scan. Next, Windows Repair Tool will safely repair your system by restoring Windows and fix all of the serious errors on your PC, including the removal of a virus or malware. Finally, Windows Repair Tool has patented technology that actually reverses any damage to Windows by replacing bad or corrupt files on your PC. Give this free tool a try. You'll be pleased with the results.  

Q: I recently purchased a new HP Pavilion laptop and I love it. But, I'm forced to use my four year old Dell notebook in order to access some of my older files, programs and favorite stuff. I attempted to manually move some things to my new HP and learned it isn't easy. It's actually quite difficult. Is there an easy and safe way to transfer my old data, programs and settings to my new HP? 
– Patty G., Boston, MA

A: Moving your apps and data to a new PC can be a challenge. The best tool we tested to safely and seamlessly move your files, folders, programs and even settings from one PC to another is FastMove. This app has a great reputation and support team and has been around for years. Whether you're transferring data between computers sharing the same OS version, moving files and settings from a Windows 7 to a Windows 10 PC, or migrating from a 32-bit to a 64-bit system, FastMove is the best app for the job.

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Driver Tip: Resolving Driver Problems

Whether you have recently installed a device or it came pre-installed, you will definitely have problems if the right driver isn’t installed, or has become corrupted. Here are some of the things you can try to resolve a driver related issue: Restart the computer – Before you do anything, try a simple restart of the computer. Sometimes the computer freezes or gets overwhelmed, and restarting the machine may resolve the problem. Bear in mind that most operating systems require that the computer be restarted after a new installation; otherwise the connected device will not work properly. Disconnect and reconnect the device – Especially if the device is connected via a USB (universal serial bus) port, disconnect it and then plug it in to a different USB port. This will allow the operating system to automatically resolve problems related to minor resource conflicts. If all goes well, the OS will detect the device (assuming it is plug-and-play) and install the correct drivers.

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PC Security Tip: Permanently Delete Private Documents

We all have some personal and private documents on their PC. For example, tax returns, bank statements, photos and videos. Do you really want someone sniffing around your PC and seeing your personal and private stuff? You may believe that you deleted these files. Well think again. These files are still on your PC and can be recovered and seen within minutes. Take 5 minutes and try Easy File Shredder. Simply download Easy File Shredder and safely and quickly shred these files forever.

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BIOS Tip – Tweaking BIOS to Improve Boot Speed  

Tweaking your BIOS settings can be a good way to get your system to boot faster. Just a simple change of some of the key settings can make dramatic differences in how fast your system boots up.

Enable the "Quick Boot" Feature: Many newer PC’s have a special BIOS setting, usually called "Quick Boot" or "Quick Power On Self Test" that can be enabled to make the boot take less time. Try enabling this setting; this will cause the BIOS to skip some of the normal test routines that it performs at boot time, speeding up the boot process.

Remove the Boot Delay Setting: Some PC’s have a BIOS setting that you can use to intentionally delay the boot-up of the PC by several seconds. This setting is often called "Boot Delay" or "Power-on Delay". This can be useful when the BIOS is booting too quickly, causing hard disk drives to be booted before they are ready. However, it also slows the boot process down, so make sure that it is only enabled if it is needed.

Disable Floppy Drive Seek: Also called “Boot Up Floppy Seek.” Most PCs have a BIOS setting to disable floppy drive seeking, which is the short access the BIOS makes to the floppy disk just before it boots the system. This seek (unless disabled) is performed regardless of whether the system is being booted from the hard disk or floppy disk. Disabling the seek speeds up the boot process by a couple of seconds. This doesn't really have any negative impact on the system, although if you are having problems with your floppy drive you will probably want to re-enable the seek as this makes troubleshooting some types of problems easier.

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Tech Tip

Download and Capture Movies

Whether you want to download and capture movies, TV shows, sporting events, music, radio or Zoom meetings, Applian Director will make it easy. Director also includes YTV Clone. A great app for watching live TV on your PC.

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